Stone Ivaylovgrad

Ivaylovgrad Gneiss stone wells

In the past, the well was a basic necessity, providing water for the home. Now, in addition to this function, it also acquires a decorative significance, as a decoration of the yard. Many families build an external structure of a stone well to bring the spirit of the traditional way of life. Whether you want […]

Stone from Ivaylovgrad for exterior facade

The facade creates the first impression of a home and it is important to be beautiful. In addition, it is exposed to rain, cold, etc. and must withstand sudden changes in temperature and weather. When choosing a facade material, everyone decides whether to choose a cheaper material or a natural stone. The choice of cladding […]

Rockery on the balcony with Ivaylovgrad stone

If you have a yard, you can build a rock garden in it. This is a corner that combines the stark outline of the rocks and the beauty of the flowers, contrasting with their rough outline. But if you don’t have a yard, you can create such a beautiful corner on the balcony as well. […]

Stone Ivailovgrad for your interior and exterior

Most modern homes can’t do without natural materials not only as a main building material, but they’re used also for revetment, pavement and different decorations. If this is what you’re looking for then choose gneiss from Ivailovgrad : the two color-schemes – golden-beige and silver-grey, are suitable for all kinds of interiors and exteriors.   […]

Which is the most suitable stone for barbecue, fireplace, glaze-klin or an oven

The contemporary variants of the fireplace are unalterable companions in the daily life of the families, living in houses with yards. Inside the home, the fireplace gives comfort with the natural warmness of the fire. In the yard, the barbecue, the glaze-klin and the oven are useful for making tasty food – roasted meat, warm […]

Masonry – the best stone for building

You have decided to build a wall or fence? Before choosing the perfect material for the masonry, you need to ask yourselves a few important questions if you make sure you are making the best choice.     The main questions you should ask yourself when choosing the most suitable material Which is the decisive […]

The Ivaylovgrad stone water garden – for outdoor relaxation

We are becoming growingly reliant on the natural beauty, including natural stone, flora, fountains and ponds placed in all parts of our homes, in order to add more freshness and calmness in our busy lives. The water pools, fountains and streams surrounded by beautiful plants can become the centerpieces of the much sought for water […]

Ivaylovgrad stone – mined and valued by the ancient Thracians

Ivaylovgrad stone offered by Valmarg Stone impresses with its beauty and solidity. The trend for natural materials, which is becoming more popular in modeling the home exterior and interior, leads to an increased interest in the stone mined near Ivaylovgrad. But this interest did not started recently, but in very ancient times. Then the ancient […]

Wall stones from Valmarg Stone

Facing the walls with natural stone will give a new, attractive appearance of your home. You can use them for external, as well as for internal cladding. The advantages of the natural stone are the strength and the attractive appearance of this natural material. With it you will fit into the global trend for ever-greater […]

8 ideas for cladding of fireplaces

The fireplace is a guarantee for comfort at home, in the cold days and nights. It provides comfort for coffee with family and friends, or for reading. The design itself is just as important as the heat. With proper materials you will achieve the charm of the old-time fireplaces; you will complement in a unique […]

How to choose the best stones for flooring

Increasingly, people are turning to the natural materials to bring the comfort and the charm of nature in their homes. In fact, the use of natural stones for floorings is a practice known for centuries. The stones were in abundance, but their strength has been added to the advantage of the natural stone flooring. Modern […]

Gneiss bones for claddings – your solution for original decorations

Gneiss bones, offered by Valmarg Stone, are a cheap solution for cladding, but the effect that you will achieve is impressive. Whether you are planning an internal or external cladding, cladding elements that will break the ordinariness of the fence, or claddings of nooks of the house, the gneiss bones are your decision. Cladding of […]

Building a stone masonry fireplace

The fireplace more often takes place in homes, yards, gardens. In the past it has been used for cooking as well as for heating. It was the central, the attractive part of the house and usually it was built in the center of the common room. Nowadays the fireplace has mainly decorative purpose but it […]

The Stones that Preserved Roman Roads until Present Day

Do you know which are the longest-used facilities, built by the Roman Empire? Those are the Roman stone – paved roads, built throughout the territory of the whole Empire in order to facilitate communications, trade and military actions. The Romans were those who build roads throughout the whole of Europe, North Africa and the Middle […]

Natural Stone Masonry

Stonemasonry adds to the outdoors a feel of antiquity, a sense of comfort and stability. Types of Masonry Fences Depending on their purpose, masonry fences can be constructed with a different height/thickness. Shorter fences often have a more decorative function, but are a wonderful solution for various gated communities or private and public buildings. High […]

Gneiss from Ivaylovgrad used for Roofs – Stone Slabs

The construction of roofs from tiles (gneiss) is a specific activity that requires great concentration during work. The arrangement of the slabs involves constant movement, and this is straining – both physically and mentally. Distribution The stone slabs represent a natural material which cannot be compared to any of the modern high-tech options, created specifically […]

Ideas for Stone Paths in the Garden

A stone path is a great element that varies in shape, size and aesthetic arrangement and gives the garden shape. Now, we will try to give you a few ideas for creating a great trail with the usage of stone materials. Path of Stone Slabs   To create it, you need stone slabs with either […]

Glitz Rocks – What do We Know about Them

In order for a tiling to be no only strong but also beautiful, we usually choose glitz stones, created from gneiss from Ivailovgrad. What is a Glitz Stone? A glitz stone is actually a battered gneiss stone, embossed from the front, so its patterns and shades of color stand out more. The deeper the battering, […]

Stone ideas for the garden

Would you like to turn your garden into a cozy nook which will be your oasis after a hard and tiring day? That is perfectly possible, but even if you maintain the plants in your garden in immaculate condition, sometimes that is not enough. Decorate your garden with taste, by adding a touch of exotics […]

Stone Masonry

Where is Stone Masonry Being Used The stone blocks used in masonry are some of the most sought after stones these days; they are increasingly used for the construction of fences, stairs, different walls and even houses. Up to today, whole villages in the region of Ivaylovgrad and some remote mountainous areas in the Rhodopa […]

Facings with cut stones from Ivaylovgrad

make facing with stone a wall

If you have decided to make facing with stone a wall, staircase, columns, fireplaces or other parts of the interior or the exterior of your home, your best choice would be cut stone from Ivaylovgrad – due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties of strength and durability, which are the biggest advantages of  Ivaylovgrad’s […]