Do It Yourself

How to build a stepped path

The path in the yard or garden is not only a convenience, but also an opportunity to diversify the exterior in an original way. It is easy to make a trail from gneiss for flooring, which is also a decorative part in your yard and garden. You just need to get enough tiles with a […]

Facing of a plasterboard arch with natural stone

The arch is an excellent choice as an element of the interior. It can be formed from drywall and be lined with natural stone. This is a cheaper option than building entirely from natural stones, but it is very impressive with the beautiful cladding.     What tiles to line the arch Gneiss slabs and […]

How to make stone steps in the yard

Landscaping is a task that many people start with enjoy. For others who find this very difficult, we will explain in details how to make stone steps. Materials such as Ivaylovgrad stone are mandatory to give a living and close to nature look to the whole yard.     What steps should you follow to make stone […]

Gneiss stone path on a sand base

One of the most impressive additions to the yard is the stone path. Natural stone flooring, which is an element of nature, can be continuous or with a grass joint. To have drainage, the stone slabs are placed on a sand base.     Use flooring stones of gneiss Choose irregular-shaped polygonal slabs or regular-shaped […]

Construction of stone curbs and gneiss pots

Every family that has a house with a yard puts a lot of effort and flair in shaping not only the home but also the yard. Planning and zoning are very important. According to preferences, there is space for flowers, a pool, a dining area and other important places for the family. You can mark […]

How to stick gneiss on a wall

Gneiss cladding with the beautiful Ivaylovgrad stone is preferred for both exterior and interior walls. Many people prefer to do the tiling themselves. We will give them basic tips so that they can successfully cope with the task and achieve a well-glued cladding.     Choose a suitable adhesive for gluing the tiles Gneiss from Valmarg Stone is a natural stone material. Therefore, the […]

A stone fireplace can be on the veranda

The right place for the fireplace in home – not only in the garden but also on the veranda Traditionally, the barbecue is planned in the yard, in the garden – outdoors. This way you can carry over the cooking and eating the food outdoors. This is an undeniable convenience, but if you do not […]

A stone fountain – for a cooler garden

A fountain is an excellent accessory both for the outdoors as well as the indoors. It is up to you where you want to set it up. Building a fountain is not difficult. If you choose to place it indoors, the connection to the water pipeline can be easier. As for the outdoors – you […]

Use gneiss form Ivaylovgrad to create a preferred recreational area

There is a place for spending leisure time in the good weather in any garden or backyard. With an original design, this are will not only be more comfortable, but it will be much more attractive and pleasurable, turning into a preferred spot for recreation. With the help of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, your outdoor recreational […]

Lake cascade in the garden

We offer you an interesting idea how to make a lake cascade in your yard. We at Valmarg Stone offer everything you need for your attractive project. A little effort in combination with quality gneiss from Ivaylovgrad and you will achieve the natural appearance that you are looking for. You will get a beautiful lake […]

Ideas for hot tubs with wood, stone and concrete

Hot tub dipping is a pleasure that attracts everyone. Why not increase the enjoyment of your rest and relax in hot water with a beautiful bath made of wood, stone or concrete? Depending on your home and yard you can create a suitable design without even hiring a professional designer. Wood hot tub Wood hot […]

Create a nook with natural stones for relaxation outdoors

If your home is near a forest or a hill, a walk in the nature will soothe and refresh you. Trees, streamlets, rocks dotting the path or the space beyond it, merge in a natural picture. The flowers and the trees will offer you a rest for the eyes and the streamlet will soothe you […]

Lining of Steps with Natural Stones

The staircase in front of your home will be much more appealing if you line it with natural stones. That way, you will induce the warm feeling of closeness to Nature. Stairs, constructed from natural stones, complement perfectly the vegetation in the yard. You can select polygonal plates, golden-beige or silver-gray in color, or slabs […]

How to Build Natural Stone Curbs in the Garden DIY

If you plan on doing some planting in your yard or garden, you can take advantage of this practical idea: constructing curbs from natural stones – gneiss – there. The completion of this project can only take a weekend if you plan all in advance and if you have all the necessary materials. Short stone […]

How to Build a Pool of Natural Stones for a Day

Dipping into a pool at home during the hot summer days is always a good idea; it adds a sense of the so much desired freshness and coolness to your home. Here, we would like to offer you a way of to quickly build a beautiful swimming pool in the easiest possible way in your […]

How to Build a Japanese Garden

What Distinguishes the Japanese Gardens from the Rest of the World The simplicity of the natural landscape and its calming effect in the garden act as a magnet for city dwellers; the landscape conveys such magnificence and glory that it has become a trademark of the owners of modern gardens. Harmony reigns there. Its style […]

Building Stone Flooring

Stone floorings differ in shape and complexity. They can vary from wide and elegant to simplistic trodden paths. Multiple can be found in one and the same area. The most impressive ones are the well-arranged slabs of natural stone, with shaped and regular joints. Preparation for Stone Flooring Before you install the stone flooring, please, […]

Barbecue from Stones in the Garden

It is great to think in a way to improve the comfort in your garden. Why not build a fireplace of stones? It will, undoubtedly,  transform the weekend into a romantic experience! You could enjoy  relaxing  with friends in this peaceful scenery. Furthermore, is there anyone who will remain indifferent to the sound of the […]

Ideas for a Rocky Nook in the Garden

It is so nice if you have a place somewhere to chill physically and mentally. We will try to give you some guidelines, so that you create such an ideal location in your garden. Rocky Nook with a Bench among the Greenery in the Garden If you have dense vegetation in your garden, you can […]

Create Yourself a Garden Stream

There is something magnificent about the irregular flow curves and the reflection of the light in the water. It is no wonder that those who have gardens, attempt to recreate there this small miracle of nature. As with the construction of a lake in the garden, a stream can be created with the usage of […]

Gneiss Curbs in the Garden

Borders in the garden are like elements, which remain hidden in the background. Because they are not considered distinct as a pond, a fountain, a waterfall or an alpine area, we can’t appreciate their contribution to the aesthetic and functional appearance of the garden. Where Can We Build a Curb There are few places in […]

Waterfall from Stones in the Garden

The constant murmur of the falling water is so enchanting to listen to!. You can allow yourself  this pleasure by creating a waterfall in your garden. That way, you will have two in one: beauty and aesthetics, on one hand, and something that soothes you, on the other. Of course, any initiative should be carefully  […]

Building a Fountain in the Garden

Since antiquity, fountains have always captured the imagination of people and have always been symbols of beauty and joy. They are thought to have originated in Babylon. Fountains were highly praised in ancient Greece and Rome. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful artistic objects in present-day Rome is the Trevi Fountain, built in 1762 by […]

Rockery in the Garden

Possibly anyone, who has a garden or a backyard, is keen to make it appealing to the eye and enjoyable for the soul. One of the elements for achieving this is the rocky nook, or rockery, as it is called. Its location is really important, as this has an effect over the construction. The nook […]

Retaining Stone Wall

No matter whether it is in one’s own garden, the local park or another place, the retaining stone wall demands respect. Whether its function  is decorative or functional, the bulkhead should be built up properly. The choice of stones is highly important: soft stones or plates are best. In both cases, the gneiss is very […]

A Stone Path in Your Garden – You Can Create it on Your Own

The stone path, whether located in someone’s garden or in the City Park, always induces a pleasant feeling of durability, strength and connection with Nature. In our land, stone roads, built thousands of years ago by the Romans, still remain, which clearly shows that the construction of the stone path is, so to say, forever.  […]

The Pond in the Garden

Why do People  Need a Pond  in the Garden This is a place where you can relax, release all tension, and rechange yourself with energy. The lake is an addition to the harmony of the garden. Its smooth surface reflects the sun and the sky while the green vegetation and fish in it free you […]

Landscape Solutions with the Usage of Stones

You bought a house with a yard and you are wondering  what to  deploy there. Here are a few ideas for objects, you can place there, constructed from stones. Some things you can do yourself; others, however, require the intervention of a landscape professional. Please, note that the stone is a durable material and the […]

8 Easy Steps for Tiling a Wall with Gneiss – Cut Stones

cladding wall gneiss

Paneled gneiss – cut stones wall provides a great solution for the interior or exterior of every home. On the market, you can find from simple plates for tiling to different imitations, but the best option for decoration remains the classical gneiss stones. Having the highest index of tenacity and quality of all stones, they […]

Choosing natural rock materials according to our needs

gneiss in the garden

In reality, almost all of the rock materials find large application in construction. Depending on the specific task, you ought to choose the rock material, which will serve the technical requirements the most. Construction, fences and pillars For the building of stable constructions you need to use stones with good strength, which at the same […]

Sealing of Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding and gneiss in particular is used for various purposes: for exterior and interior walls, for fireplaces, columns, fences, chimneys, etc. It has become very popular recently and many people decide to do the installation on their own. That is not an impossible task, but very often in such cases people forget something […]

Stone Facing Installation on a Facade

For the better protection of a facade it is always recommendable that you use stone cladding. Natural stone cladding, for instance gneiss stone cladding, has the advantage that it makes the wall stronger and more beautiful at the same time. Installation of stone cladding is a process, comprising several stages, which will be discussed in […]