What we need to know when choosing polygonal slabs

Polygonal gneiss slabs

The polygonal slabs are natural in shape and are reminiscent of the past when they were used extensively for flooring, especially in yards, and for wall cladding. Now traditions are reviving and more and more families are choosing polygonal gneiss stone for a stylish home.

The choice of gneiss plates is first and foremost related to the source from which they are extracted, as well as to the qualities of gneiss. Other selection criteria are whether the tiles will be used for lining or flooring. Gneiss coloring is also important as they must fit into the overall color scheme of the interior. Here we will briefly look at the criteria that must be applied when choosing polygonal gneiss tiles to make it easier for those wishing to make their home beautiful with gneiss and gneiss tiles by Valmarg Stone.


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Place from which the plates are extracted

The location, and especially the depth at which the slabs are mined, is important because the gneiss slabs extracted at great depths are stronger. It is important to research the source from which you want to buy the tiles. And it is best to rely on the strength of the gneiss material from Valmarg Stone.


The qualities of gneiss

The polygonal slabs of Ivaylovgrad gneiss are characterized by high strength, fire resistance, resistance to various influences, such as sharp changes in the ambient temperature and the action of chemicals. With the benefits of gneiss tiles, you can be sure of the strength of flooring and trim in the home.


How to choose polygonal slabs by thickness

You should keep in mind that when the boards are intended for flooring, they are larger – from 3 to 5 cm thick. When the boards are intended for facing, their thickness can be from 1.5 to 4.5 cm.

In order for you to have solid polygonal gneiss flooring from Ivaylovgrad, their thickness must be greater. For cladding this is not required.


неоформен ивайловградски гнайс


Is it worth choosing polygonal slabs whose shape is irregular and more difficult to arrange

It definitely worth – indeed, their shape is wrong, their dimensions are free, but many of the plates are large, they cover a large area and this facilitates the arrangement.


How to choose the right color for gneiss polygonal slabs

This unformed stone, extracted from the Ivaylovgrad area, comes in two colors – golden-white and silver-gray. Both are universal. You can choose one color for flooring and finishes throughout the home, or choose to use one color tile in one place and another color tile in another location. If you feel that you can combine the tiles of both colors into one lining or flooring, complete your project. The important thing is that you are happy with the result and feel well at home.


The most important question – the price

You will find that the cost of the unformed gneiss slabs is lower than the price of the cut stone, which has the correct shape obtained after processing. But you actually have to consider the dimensions of the plates that are larger than the dimensions of the treated plates. So actually, lining and flooring with polygonal gneiss boards comes at a cheaper price than cut gneiss.


Choosing Polygonal Slabs for Home

With lining and flooring with irregularly shaped slabs, you will get into the trends of going back to the past and following the best traditions of it.

The qualities of this natural stone guarantee the quality of the lining and flooring. Consider well how much material to buy for the purpose you have set yourself. You will find that the price is not that high if you choose large sized tiles. And the end result will put the emphasis on satisfaction with the successfully completed project for flooring and facing in the home of beautiful Ivaylovgrad stone.


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