20 original ideas for using decorative stones for your walls

The decorative natural stones are becoming more and more popular for wall cladding, because of their natural charm and the effect which the natural stone has on transforming an entire room and the entire interior.

The natural stone offered by Valmarg Stone is a universal solution for the decorative cladding of walls. Apart from the polygonal slates available in various sizes, you can use glitz wallstones (bones) too.

The gneiss mined and produced in the area of Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone is another excellent material for decorative wall cladding. It is offered in two main shades and colors: silver-grey and golden beige. If you are looking for a more affordable wall cladding solution, you can use the glitz wallstones (aka bones) which can cover a concrete wall and make it appear as if it is built of stone.


Convey the antique beauty of stone decorations into your home

As you will see from the offers for decorative stone walls provide below, they can bring a unique attractive style to every room in any kind of property.  They will convey the beauty of the old households in which the all-natural materials used create comfort and a homely feeling.  In order to put an accent on the decorative walls, you could avoid the use of tall furniture.  An entirely visible stone cladded wall with paintings or murals is an excellent artistic touch.

Here are 20 ideas for decorative solutions for different parts of your home:

  1. Wall cladding with the use of polygonal slates from Valmarg Stone – an excellent backdrop for paintings and murals


1. облицовка с полигонални плочи

  1. Stone cladding above the kitchen cupboards – the wood and the natural stone are combined in perfect harmony

каменни декорации в дома

  1. A stone cladded wall in the dining room – even one decorative wall will transform the interior

Декоративни естествени камъни

  1. A stone cladded wall or corner of the terrace or porch is an excellent addition to the antiques style and will make a unique place for relaxation

облицоване на стени

  1. Wall cladding with glitz wallstones (bones) of one wall in the living room is an affordable solution with an impressive effect
  2. A wall in the bedroom across the bed will greet you with a beautiful view every morning


Естествен камък ог Валмарг Стоун

  1. Wall cladding of the partitions of two facing walls will help create an olden feeling in your home, which can be completed with some wooden hangers and old objects on shelves
  2. Cladded walls in a small attic, combined with a wooden bed and dresser, completed with an authentic rug on the floor will help you create an excellent traditional room
  3. A stone cladded wall which continues along the staircase wall


декоративно облицоване на стени

  1. A stone decorated niche is an excellent way to make the perfect spot for relaxation
  2. Stone decorated adjacent walls as a perfect background for a corner sofa
  3. Stone wall decoration for a ground room or tavern, with antique traditional objects on shelves or hanging on the walls will help you transform it into a traditional old tavern in your home
  4. Stone wall decoration for the living room combined with low furniture – this will allow for a perfect view of your beautiful stone cladded wall


декоративна облицовка

  1. Decorate the wall of your guest room with stones and your guests will appreciate your care and taste for the beautiful design for their stay
  2. Stone wall decoration for a room which combines a kitchen and dining area – this is a perfect traditional design for your home
  3. Stone wall decoration for an attic combined with old fashioned wooden window frames and traditional curtains
  4. Stone wall cladding for the booths in your living room which can be formed by traditional wooden furniture is the perfect way to create excellent living areas in your home for every member of the family


декоративните каменни стени

  1. A decorated wall with natural stone in the office will make the design of your home office inspirational for your work
  2. A wall in the studio is an attractive decoration for all kinds of artistic work, and the painting in the studio is a unique addition and background for posing

The combination of gneiss, wood and bricks – think about combining the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone with wood and bricks.  The possibilities are endless, and depend on the quantities of the different materials you want to incorporate in the design.


декоративни камъни за стена