Outdoor stair stone cladding

Concrete stairs are boring and not too attractive. They play an important role for getting you to your home, but why not make them look prettier? This is not such a difficult task. Nature has provided us with natural stone which is beautiful and durable. With the help of Valmarg Stone, this natural stone will reach your home and you can easily start with the cladding.

In recent years, more people are working on bringing a more natural feel to their lifestyles. This is an excellent way to get away from the busy lives and stress we are all living in. Nature always has a calming effect and amazes us with its beauty. The beauty of the golden-beige and silver grey stones offered by Valmarg Stone will grab your attention immediately. You can choose between the two hues depending on the other elements of your exterior design.



облицоване на стъпала с камък


Stones for cladding from Valmarg Stone

One option is to choose a free design and pick the polygonally shaped stone tiles which are naturally shaped. They have a thickness of 1.5-4.5cm. The sizes are natural so your stairs will look like the old stone stairs which our ancestors used to build.


естествен камък за облицовка


Another option is to choose cut stone which has a thickness between 1.5-2,5cm and between 2.4-4.5cm. The tiles vary in width as well starting from 10,15,20,25 and 30cm. The length is different. The regular shape of the tiles will make the cladding process easier as you can easily fit one stone next to another.


камък за облицовка на стълби

Preparing the surface for the cladding

It is not sufficient enough to simply clean the stairs from dust or dirt before the cladding of the stairs with natural stone. You have to wash them and wait for them to dry completely. We recommend that you use a powerful water jet for a better washing process. The powerful water flushing will help remove all dust and dirt particles from the surface and make the adhesion process of the stones easier and successful

The bonding process

You need to apply a solution which will improve the adhesive connection between the surface and the stones by making it more elastic. After 24 hours you can proceed to stick the stone tiles to the stairs with special adhesive for stone cladding.



гнайс за облепване на стълбище

You need to think about the safety of the stairs

If there are uneven areas, you need to take care of them prior to the cladding. If your stairs are old, they could be with different heights or could be too narrow which can cause safety issues and inconveniences. Since stone cladding is durable, there is no point in placing it and then having to remove it in order to deal with pre-existing defects and problems.

Can wooden stairs be cladded with stone?

The answer is yes if the wooden stairs are solid and with an even surface. The wood needs to be stable enough to support the weight of the stone tiles. Some artisans use special cement screed to stabilize wooden stairs. You should probably choose the lighter stone tiles which are not as thick if you want to clad a wooden stairway.

If there are holes and cracks in the wood, these need to be filled first and then smoothened with sandpaper.

In this case, too, you need to clean the stairs thoroughly with a powerful vacuum cleaner and then wash them with a damp cloth before proceeding with the cladding. After the stairs are completely dry you can proceed to stick the stone tiles with an adhesive used for stone cladding.