Use Stone Cladding to Make Your Home Beautiful and Cosy

Original decisions in interior and exterior design bring freshness and harmony to our homes in a unique way. Even the smallest detail, when carefully planned, contributes to the overall aesthetic design and uniqueness of the setting. Gneiss stone cladding can have an impressive effect and can change the overall atmosphere of the room.

Natural stone cladding is found in various colours and shapes and has a number of advantages over manufactured stones, which are made of gypsum. The origin of this type of cladding makes it more resistant to external influences. At the same time this cladding is stronger and more beautiful.

Besides the choice of appropriate material, the installation is another important factor for the quality of the gneiss cladding. The wall that will be stone-clad has to be primed with an appropriate primer in advance and after that it should be covered with a wire mesh. For bonding, use special cement-based adhesive. To provide greater protection of the stone cladding and to make its colour stand out, seal the cladding with a special water-based sealer.

The use of decorative stones for the creation of stone panels and cladding both in rooms and outdoors is easy, but you need a drawing or a plan of the project for better results. This will make your work much easier, since you will be able to concentrate on the realization of the idea.

The variants of using the best gneiss offered on the market, namely that from the region of Ivaylovgrad, include covering the whole wall or decorating only parts of it, which will lay emphasis on the whole composition. Interesting decisions in this respect include cladding of chimneys, corners, fireplaces, barbecues, fountains or wells. Original decisions require more imagination and creativity and make our homes cosier.

Cladding can give vitality to the interior of every part of the home – the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room or the hallway. Gneiss from the region of Ivaylovgrad fits perfectly both the interior and exterior design of every home or public building. Due to its strength and beauty, gneiss is preferred for decoration of facades, landings, staircases, columns, etc. The use of natural stone cladding has another advantage – insulation. Thus you are combining the romantic atmosphere and beauty of your home with additional thermal insulation.

By using natural stone cladding materials, which have the power and impact of nature, you can become a designer of your own home and you can give it a new and fresh look in a short period of time and without wasting money.