The natural stones in construction

Natural stone claddingIn the past, the large buildings were always built with stones. Their walls were extremely strong and think. Later, the constructions started to be erected with other materials, such as cement and steel, which changed the role of the natural stones in the construction.

Nowadays, along with the massive stones, used in construction, wide application finds the stone facing technique, which uses much thinner stones. When choosing materials, you must definitely consider the type of stone (natural or artificial), but also to take into account for what purpose he will use the material. If, for example, you want to use stones, which will stay in the open, you must take into account the fact that they will be exposed to different weather conditions, such as rain, snow and moist.

Here are some of the most used natural facing stones in construction.

Granite can be distinguished by its great density, sturdiness and resilience to wear out. Besides this it can resist low temperatures and it absorbs almost no water. This makes it extremely appropriate to use in stars, floor covering and columns. Because of its antiseptic qualities and diversity of shades, it finds wide application in the interior as well, like for example in the manufacturing of kitchen counters.

Marble is extremely suitable for marble flooring(mosaic) and facing. It adds an exquisite style to the interiors and goes well with all other decorative materials.

Gneiss can be characterized with its resistance to low temperatures and sturdiness. It has rugged surface, which isn’t slippery and it is widely used in exterior, as well as in interior design. It can be found in different shades: yellowish, brownish, green, grey and white. Gneiss is extremely appropriate for flooring of park alleys, sidewalks, stairways, curbs, wall tiling, fences, fireplaces and etc.

Shell limestone finds wide application in stone facing, because in it you can see the shells of animals and it gives it extreme beauty. Regular limestone on the other hand is used in the production of cement and lime, as well as in construction. It is not recommended for floor covering, because it doesn’t have the necessary strength.

Quartzite is a type of massive metamorphic rock. It is extremely resilient and strong as a material and can be found in shades of grey, pink, greenish.

Schist is a type of metamorphic rock, which represents a material with big sturdiness and resistance. They are used mostly as facing stones, for support walls and floor covering. Their most common shade is the greenish-grey.

Nephrite is extremely applicable in the creation of sceneries and garden decorations

Tuff is used as a decoration, as well as a hardy material. It has great density and it can be found in different shades: grey, greenish-grey, yellow, pinky-violet.

From all natural stones, used in construction, the most used in our country is appointed to Gneiss. This is so, because for its affordable price, big diversity and high strength and endurance statistics. The extracted Gneiss rocks from Bulgarian soil are one of the most demanded, not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad, as a decorative stone facing natural stone in construction.