A living room with stone revetment in rustique style

The nostalgy of the country life from the past, with the peacefulness, the healthy food and the communication with the nature makes a lot of people bring in their homes elements, reminding them of the country way of life. Not only the villa or the house in the village can be formed with spirit. Even in town, the style rustique is nice, becoming and relaxing.

каменна облицовка в стил рустик

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The living room is most suitable for furnishing in such style

The living room is the room that gathers everybody, that‘s why it‘s worth it to put in effort to form it as a country room. For the revetment of the walls you can use polygonal slabstones gneiss. To recreate the style of the old houses, in which the stone has been an fundamental material for building.

The hard wooden furniture and the different country appurtenances, used in the country manner, will add to the look of whole style rustique.


Всекидневна с каменна облицовка

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Use the left from grandma and grandpa appurtenances

For forming in style rustique you can use objects, which are left in the country house of grandma and grandpa.

Rugs, clay appliances, wooden mortars, three-footed chairs and all kinds of things of natural material – wood, clay, stone. Even wheels from carts are very well matched with the interior, you can hang them in the wall or to build them in the revetment.

What objects will you include in the forming of the living room is a personal choice. If you think that appliances like sickle, swaphook and scythe will look good in the interior, then use them bravely.

Most suitable as rustique accessories are the knitted panniers and baskets. Even if you don‘t have them at close reach, you can buy them at the near market. Except as parts of the interior, they can serve as mini cupboards and lockers for storage of different objects.


камъни за облицовка

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The color-scheme

For the style rustique are common the warm colors. You have to consider carefully that, so that you can have a really authentic forming.


облицовъчни камъни за стена

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The walls and the floor

We already mentioned that the walls will be more effective with stone revetment. Bones gneiss or polygonal slabstones – it is your choice. You can also use both. The small by width and sizes bones are suitable for forming of arks in the walls, for immitation of windows, or around the windows themselves.

The floor must also be with pavement from natural material. Most permanent is the pavement with natural stone Ivailovgrad. In the past, the country houses also used to have wooden floors, but the stone pavement will match better the stone revetment of the walls.


гнайс за стена

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The mosaic

What is the coziness in the country home without the fireplace?

The mosaic from small pebbles has it‘s place in the rustique living room. On the floor, upon wooden material or on other suitable place, made from you, it will have a value not only as an decorative element, but also as created from you beauty.

The fireplace will stand out with revettibg stone from Ivailovgrad. The gneiss slabstones are offered in golden-beige and silver-grey. Choose the golden-beige as a warmer and more matching the design rustique.


къмък за стена

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It‘s easy to create everyday rustique

The living room with gneiss revetment and pavement and country furniture and objects, in which is the central place. Catching the eye is the fireplace that is also easy to create. Just provide the necessary materials, make a plan of the project and carry out it‘s execution.