If you want your bathroom to be special – use gneiss

The bathroom is in need of some added beauty and coziness, just like every other room in the house. If you are planning a renovation or construction of a new bathroom, you should take into consideration using gneiss from Valmarg Stone for your project.


гнайс от Валмарг Стоун

Benefits of the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad

The gneiss from Ivaylovgrad which is offered by Valmarg Stone is extracted from the depths of our earth. It is waterproof and resistant to sudden temperature changes.  It is a material which is very suitable for use in bathrooms. It will be an excellent addition to the interior design of your bathroom – adding a natural touch to it.


Some ideas for your new bathroom project

Depending on your preferences, you can use the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad for wall cladding parts or entire walls or as a flooring material for your bathroom. Our gneiss can be combined perfectly with wooden material.


The stripped gneiss project

Gneiss can be used in stripes in between the wall tiles to add an extra touch to your bathroom interior. The stripes can be vertical or horizontal, in accordance to your preferences. The best choice for this option is to use gneiss stone cuttings or Glitz wallstones (bones). You have a choice between two shades – golden-beige or silver-grey.


Create a natural stone corner or space in the bathroom

The prettiest design is the natural one. You can pick a corner or the middle of your bathroom to create a natural stone space formed like a pyramid or as several separate small piles of natural stones. You can use gneiss stone cuttings or paving for cladding the basin, and you can also use the gneiss pavement for the flooring in order to perfectly combine the two elements.


Clad the entire wall with gneiss

The natural charm and glamour of the gneiss stone used for cladding the wall will quickly become the centerpiece of your bathroom. You can be certain that the effect will be very impressive and relaxing for the eyes too. This is a universal solution, so you can clad an entire wall with gneiss no matter if your bathroom is big or small.


By mixing natural materials – your bathroom will become as beautiful as ever

Mixing natural materials for you interior design is a technique which is growing in popularity, due to the fact that they are easily combined, and will bring along the natural charm and perfection into your bathroom. You can combine the use of gneiss, cut stones or polygonal tiles. Add some wooden drawers in the entry area, to complement the gneiss flooring perfectly.


If you clad a wall with gneiss, you can add some gneiss decorations to the other walls too

Using gneiss to clad an entire wall will make your bathroom unique. But you can add to this amazing effect by adding some additional decorative elements from gneiss to the other walls as well.  For example add gneiss stripes to all of the other walls, and you will end up with an amazingly beautiful bathroom with an all-natural look and feel.


Gneiss stripes on the floor

Gneiss stripes on the floor can separate the different sections of your bathroom or can act as pathways from one section to another, such as from the shower to the sink, for example.


If your bathroom is outdoors, you have even more options for experimenting with gneiss material

If your bathroom is outdoors, you can make a pathway with gneiss pavement leading to it. You can also use gneiss material to decorate the bathroom itself. You can use gneiss wallstones to clad entire walls, or just to make gneiss stripes and ornaments to your bathroom walls.