How to grout natural stone flooring

The natural stone flooring contributes to a beautiful look both in the interior and outside – on the porch or in the yard. The attractive appearance of natural stone slabs and the durability of this material to weather conditions and the daily passage of it are advantages that attract many people turning to natural materials for furnishing and decorating the home, villa and country house.  


Как се фугира настилката от естествен камък


Proper grouting is important so that the joints do not leak

After laying the paving stones, the joints between them must be filled. Proper grouting is important to prevent moisture penetration. Here we will look at the composition of the solution used to grout between natural stone slabs, as well as the grouting activities themselves. Adherence to the requirements for grouting guarantees long-term stability of the floor joints.


Depth and width of the joints

In order to achieve optimal joints, their depth should be between 0.8 and 1 cm and their width 1 cm.

These joint dimensions are sufficient for the grout to penetrate and achieve a good seal.


фугиране на камък


Preparation of the grout mixture

The grout should consist of equal parts sand, cement and glue. Add water to this mixture until you reach the desired density – a thick mixture.

It is important that the density is sufficient. If the mixture is too washy, after application the filling level will drop. And if the density is too high, the mixture will not be able to penetrate inside and fill the joints well, so after drying moisture will easily penetrate.


Подготвяне на сместа за фугиране на камък


Pre-wetting of the joints

Before you start grouting , you need to slightly moisten the joints. This will prepare the surface and will not absorb moisture from the grout. Use a pump to moisturize. Do not wet too much so that the grout itself does not dilute when applied. 

The floor area is usually large. If the weather is hot, it will dry very quickly after wetting. Therefore, if necessary, wet again and again so that the inside of the joints is sufficiently moist when applying the grout.


Application of the solution in the joints and treatment after drying

Apply the grout to the wet joints. Use a spatula or bucket, or both. Wait for it to turn slightly white and dry. Then it’s time to level the surface of the joints. You will need a spatula and a wire brush for this purpose. First scrape the protruding particles with a spatula, then flatten completely using a wire brush.

After processing and leveling, clean the floor surface.


слагане на камъни за настилка


The joints will dry in about 24 hours

It takes about 24 hours for the joints to dry. During this time you should not cross the pavement.


If the pavement is external and will be subjected to heavy loads

Expansion joints must also be left for external flooring that will be subjected to heavy loads. These joints are elastic and serve to absorb thermal expansion and load. Consult with specialists about how to shape them and how many such joints should be left. 


външна настилка с камък