Ivaylovgrad Gneiss stone wells

In the past, the well was a basic necessity, providing water for the home. Now, in addition to this function, it also acquires a decorative significance, as a decoration of the yard. Many families build an external structure of a stone well to bring the spirit of the traditional way of life. Whether you want a decorative construction, or you will use the well for water extraction, lining it with gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, in one of its beautiful colors – golden beige or silver gray, will turn it into the jewel of the yard.

Кладенци от камък гнайс Ивайловград

Use of natural stone and wood in the construction

Increasing attention is being paid to the combination of natural materials, such as stone and wood. This combination is known from the old Bulgarian houses. Natural materials have a beauty that does not need complex structural elements to stand out.

Traditionally, the outer part of the well – the cylinder, is built of stone. Nowadays, the more economical option is a concrete cylinder with stone cladding.

For a complete composition, build a wooden roof over the well. This can be the familiar construction with a triangular roof, or another option – for example, a square roof. Another option, which is easier to perform, but is also impressive, is with two vertical beams and a horizontal beam attached to them, on which the chain with the bucket is coiled.

камъни за кладенец

Lining of the cylindrical part of the well

The cladding of the cylindrical part with gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad is very beautiful. You can choose cladding with cut stone slabs that are easier to arrange. Another option is polygonal gneiss slabs, with an irregular shape, like the slabs used in ancient cladding. And the most economical option is lining with pieces known as bones. They are up to 40 cm long and between 3 and 5 cm wide.

гнайс за кладенец

Wood processing

The wooden part of the well structure must be treated and varnished to protect it from rot.

Covering with tiles

If you are a fan of the type of ancient wells, which are covered with roof tiles, look for the so-called Turkish tiles used in the past for roofs. Arrange them overlapping, alternating a row with the convex and a row with the concave part up. This way the moisture will not penetrate under the tiles and in case of rain the water will drain out of the roof.

битов кладенец с камък

If the well is decorative, you can use it as a flower garden

The decorative well, lined with Ivaylovgrad stone, can shine in combination with the beauty of the gneiss cladding with an abundance of flowers. Arrange flower pots and boxes on the lid, use a pot of natural stone or clay instead of a bucket, and the roof can be used to hang flower pots.

The well can become part of a whole recreation area

It is not difficult to create a whole recreation area in which the well is one of the main parts. You can enclose the area with a wall – L-shaped or U-shaped, which you can line with gneiss from Valmarg Stone. Amplify with a table, also lined with stone, and it will be even better to add masonry barbecue with the same lining.


старинен кладенец с камъни


The decoratively designed recreation area can have different elements, depending on the place you have. But the well, whether it is really used for water extraction or just a decorative structure, is indispensable in this nook.