Stone Ivailovgrad for your interior and exterior

Most modern homes can’t do without natural materials not only as a main building material, but they’re used also for revetment, pavement and different decorations. If this is what you’re looking for then choose gneiss from Ivailovgrad : the two color-schemes – golden-beige and silver-grey, are suitable for all kinds of interiors and exteriors.


Камък Ивайловград

Stone for building


The choice of stone for walls from Valmarg Stone is the right choice for beautiful and solid brickwork. The color scheme is golden-beige. Those stones are thick between 18 and 20cm, and their length and width are around 20cm.


Камък за зидане

Stone for revetment and pavement 

When you’re looking for a beautiful stone for revetment and for pavement, your choice is stone from Ivailovgrad. The polygonal slabstones are in their natural form, they are thick – from 1.5 do 4.5cm, which together with their natural irregular makes them very suitable especially for pavement.

The cut stone is with width 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30cm and it is with free length. Its thickness is from 1.5 to 2.5 and from 2.5 to 4.5cm.

In accordance to the design you’re planning, choose polygonal stones or cut stone, when you want exact width of the separate cuttings.


Камък за облицовки и настилки

Gneiss and gneiss paving-stones for pavement  

The gneiss for pavement is with width 35 or 45cm, and the length is free. With width between 3 and 5 cm, the gneiss slabstones will give you solid, time-proof and beautiful pavement.

More interesting and more original is the pavement from paving-stones from Valmarg Stone. You can choose between the classical form and paving-stones that are formed in style antique. You can form curbstones or figures with them. Both the classical and the style antique paving-stones come in three sizes: 10x10cm, 12x12cm and 15x15cm.


гнайсови павета за настилки

Cuttings for revetment  

You can achieve very interesting designs at a cheaper price with revetment with cuttings from Ivailovgrad gneiss. They come in sizes by your choice and their thickness is from 1 to 1.5cm.

The other variant are the bones – pieces with length up to 40cm, thickness up to 4cm and width between 3 and 5cm. You can achieve effective glyc brickwork – the wall, reveted that way will look as if fully built from gneiss slabstones.


изрезки от гнайс

An advice for quality revetment 

Of course, you have to be careful the side of the stone, which is facing the wall, to be even. This is especially important, if you have insulation. The slabstones and the cuttings have to fit tight otherwise there may be fugues, so you will have to even them beforehand. And if you choose revetment with bones, you have to cut their ends, which are often uneven.

Where can you revet with gneiss stones? 

The modern decisions for revetment or decoration with natural materials are coming in all nooks of the home. Even the kitchen and the bathroom are rooms, which deserve attention and decoration with walls revetment, countertops, niches, cradles and other elements. You have to estimate where in the home it’s most suitable for revetment –whether you revet whole walls, or you will form frames, vertical or horizontal lines. Match them with glass, metal, lamps and decorative candles for bigger effectiveness day and night.