Building a stone masonry fireplace

The fireplace more often takes place in homes, yards, gardens. In the past it has been used for cooking as well as for heating. It was the central, the attractive part of the house and usually it was built in the center of the common room. Nowadays the fireplace has mainly decorative purpose but it can also be used both for heating and cooking. You can build it in the yard or in the garden – then, at anytime you will have a place for cooking, especially roasting.

огнище от естествени камъни


The fireplace – a beautiful decorative element of your home, yard or garden

Modern materials allow that the fireplace is not just an ordinary facility but a really attractive part of the house and the room, the yard or the garden. Made of beautiful stones, it will also attract during the warm season, when the fire will not keep burning and it will not be used often. If the room or the yard has folk-style elements, it will fit perfectly into the overall design.

каменно огнище в градината


The shape of the fireplace

The usual shape of the fireplace is round. In some old homes the fireplace was built in the corner and it was with hemispherical shape. You can also build an outdoor hemispherical or spherical fireplace in the yard.

огнище с камъни за зидария


Stones for masonry of the fireplace

By choosing Valmarg Stone masonry stones you will give an attractive appearance of the fireplace. Their color is golden-beige, the length and the width of each stone is about 20 cm and the thickness – from 18 to 20 cm. Their color is universal and fits any range of the environment, as well as when you are planning a fireplace in the yard or garden.

In the yard or in the garden – first outline the shape of the fireplace and make the trench

Start by outlining the shape of the fireplace. Usually it is round, but you may prefer another, for example square or rectangular.

Then do the excavation at a depth that you prefer. You should consider the height of the wall of the fireplace as a part of the total depth. Usually sufficient is depth of 40-50 cm.

камъни за зидария на Валмарг Стоун


Installation of drainage layer

It is very important to embank drainage layer at the bottom of the fireplace. It is made by filling of gravel and sand. The drainage layer allows draining of the water used to extinguish the fire.

Shaping the walls of the fireplace

The fireplace will become more beautiful if it has a regular shape. If you choose round shape for easier styling you can help yourself with an old metal vat or bended sheet metal. It is important to check the leveling often, in order not to deviate from the proper shape. Place the stones line by line and then check the leveling.

изграждане ан огнище


Shaping the top, finishing line

The formation of the top line gives the completed appearance of the fireplace. From the outside, sidelong, you can add a number of other stones to get more interesting finish. An idea of Valmarg Stone is forming an outer layer of bones: they also come in golden-beige color. Their width is 3-5 cm, the length – up to 40 cm, and the thickness – up to 4 cm.