Handmade stone sinks and garden troughs

After you build the house or the villa, it is the turn of the yard. Its design is pleasant and engages everyone in the family, because there you will spend hours of rest, conversations, discussions, lunches, dinners. The folk style, using natural stone, is the most popular because it brings the atmosphere closer to nature.

каменни мивки и корита

Stone sink

Stone sinks are not only a necessity, but also one of the main decorative accents. We will emphasize the charm of handmade stone sinks, which do not have the right shape and smooth surface, but this is their attractiveness. Transform the old habit with a stone sink with a handmade trough, complement it with appropriately arranged large stones or a small rock garden. The most suitable plant, again in unison with the ancient way of life of our people, is geranium.

Ръчно изработени каменни мивки

The shape of the trough

The stone trough can be of different shapes. Choose the one you prefer – triangular, square, rectangular. For a small yard, a small triangular trough is best. For a larger yard with enough space, you can connect two or three troughs, arranged in steps, with water flowing from one trough to another.

The small trough can be placed on a vertical stone column. This is one of the solutions with which you will achieve an original construction.

You can also order a trough with an irregular shape – such as an hourglass, an irregular quadrangle, or another.

Ръчно изработени каменни корита

Attaching the trough to the fountain

Attaching the trough is very important so that the whole structure is stable. It is best to plaster around the bottom side with concrete to keep the trough stable.

After the vertical stone is fixed, from which the water pipe will come out. You can use a metal structure for it; it is best to consult a specialist for advice on finding such a structure. Another option is not to use a vertical stone, you can form a concrete structure with a lining of small stones.

Каменна мивка

Stone troughs in the yard

Stone troughs can be the main elements in the decoration of the yard:

  • They can absorb water from a waterfall, also with a slope of natural stones or pebbles.
  • They can serve as flower beds, combining the rough beauty of the stone and the tenderness of the flowers. Thus, they turn into stone pots in the antique style.
  • You can arrange them as an original border of the recreation area.
  • You can arrange stone troughs on one or both sides of the path.

Decide where you will place the stone troughs for the most spectacular exterior.

каменно корито на чешмата

Order handmade troughs for the yard and garden

With a handmade trough or several troughs from Valmarg Stone, your yard will be transformed. Bet on national traditions, using natural Ivaylovgrad stone. The stone troughs have their beauty, which is worth using for the fountain, for the recreation area, for compositions in the yard. 

Look for old dishes on the ceiling and in the closet – jugs, jars and others to complete the compositions with stone troughs. And for the table in the garden, next to the fountain, use a household tablecloth and serve in traditional ceramic dishes. The whole atmosphere changes when you bring in these details, creating a unique coziness that will attract and delight and impress your guests.