The flower-beds in the garden – more beautiful with curbstones from gneiss

If you have a yard and a garden, in which you can plant flowers, you are lucky. The flowers give off life natural charm and richness of tints, which cannot be compared with nothing.

And your garden with flower-beds will also be beyond comparison, when to flowers of your choice you also add a gneiss layout. Most suitable for this would be the bones from gneiss.


бордюри от гнайс

The bones from gneiss – effective and easy to arrange

The narrow and oblong cuttings from gneiss material, called gneiss bones, are offered by Valmarg Stone in two color schemes  – golden-beige and silver-grey. Both are universal and suitable for forming a curbstone to flower-beds.

The width of the bones is between 3 and 5cm. They are up to 40cm long. Because they are narrow, they also are very easy to arrange.


 гнайсови кокали

Form the flower-beds in different forms of your preference


The forms of the flower-beds can be not only round, rectangular and square, but also all kinds of contours, which you can form according to your preference.

For example, the hexagonal figures are very attractive. Actually, that way you can form sections simliar to flower pots, which you can arrange symethrically in the corners of the garden, in the center, near the nook for relaxation or in other similar places.

More interesting is the forming in more complicated forms, for example  flower-beds with contours that resemble a flower, with clearly defined leaves and stalk. Or flower-beds in the form of an animal. You can experiment, it’s not necessary for the contours to be geometrical. So you you have lots of options.


гнайс за градината

Cascadingly arranged flower-beds


Such arranging always impresses, and it is worth to be chosen for your garden. You can make it even more attractive with revetment stones, combined with bones as you build small walls, so the uneven terrain can be terraced.


камък за облицоване на подпорна стена

Vertically arranged flower-beds

If you don’t have much space for planting flowers and forming flower-beds, why not choose the vertical arranging? This is a very interesting decision, and to the places, in which you can create that, you can add the walls of the home itself. And here also  you can form the finishing lines with gneiss bones.


Additional charm with decorations in style rustic

The style rustic is very suitable for the garden. You can add subjects, characteristic for farmer and country life and combined with gneiss curbstone. Another variant to include the beautiful material gneiss from Ivailovgrad is with pavement around attractively formed flower-beds or unusual ,,chests” for flowers. From the practice, we know that old dishes such as tanks or cradles can be very useful. If you have concrete chests, It’s a great idea to paint them and they will as well adjust to your garden.

The additions can be different – wheels from carts, lanterns, even shovels and they can contribute to the creating of an authentic nook. Use stumps too, you can tranform them into chests or just add them into the design.


ивайловградски гнайс за настилка

A fairytale theme, including flower-beds

Choose figurines of decorative animals, creating a happy and suitable atmosphere for your children. In addition to forming stone gneiss you will create a fairytale atmosphere, filled with romance and charm.


гнайс от Ивайловград за стени