Water bars with gneiss stone – cool off with drinks without leaving the pool

The pool is now a necessity for those living in a house and for the villa. Family members as well as guests can relax in it. It is especially pleasant to immerse in the water, warmed all day by the sun, in the evening under the moonlight or a dim lighting. Cooling drinks also help for a good mood.

Tables near the pool are usually used for serving drinks. Why not make it easier for yourself and your friends by building a bar counter inside the pool? This is very practical and easy to do.

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Водни барове с камък гнайс

The material that is most suitable for the bar counter

It is best to be a natural stone that does not give in to the action of water and remains with a strong and attractive surface. The gneiss stone from Ivaylovgrad meets these requirements.

This stone is in two colors, both of which are very attractive – silver gray and golden beige. You can choose the right color for your pool.

Gneiss is a stone that is extremely strong. It withstands temperature changes, so when the water cools or warms, it will not change its quality.

The surface of the gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad is rough and non-slip. This is a quality that makes the material suitable for a pool bar.

Gneiss is easy to process and install, so many people choose it for cladding and flooring. Choose it for your pool bar counter and you will be pleased with this choice.

бар в басейна с гнайс от Ивайловград

The bar counter inside the pool is very comfortable

For soft drinks it is not necessary to go out of the pool, to interrupt the pleasure of the caresses of the water. With a gneiss bar counter, whether it is next to the pool wall or somewhere in the center, you will have a place for a comfortable drink of cold water, a cola or another drink.

камък Ивайловград е подходящ облицовка

A niche in which to arrange the bottles of drinks

If you build a bar counter next to the pool wall, you can also provide a niche for storing bottles. The niche may be elevated above the water level. This will make serving the drinks very easy. Be sure to stock up on soft drinks regularly.

Border on the bar counter

In order not to worry that the glasses or bottles of soft drinks may fall from the countertop, it is good to form an outer border, which is higher than the level of the countertop. Thus, even if waves in the pool form, they will not break the cups and bottles.

камък за воден бар

Bar stools – optional

For the greater convenience of those who prefer to drink their soft drink sitting comfortably, bar stools can also be provided, also inside the pool. They can be built as gneiss-lined columns and gneiss slabs on top of the seats. The rough surface of the seats made of Ivaylovgrad stone will not create a risk of slipping and falling.

подходящ камък за облицоване на бар

It is worth the effort and provide comfort and style for spending pleasant hours in the pool, with a bar counter and gneiss-lined seats. Design the bar counter and the whole corner in the shape you like and enjoy cold drinks on hot days. Your guests and friends will also appreciate this addition to the pool and will feel great when you invite them to visit you.

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Изпратете запитване+359 (0373)  87901

+359 (089) 9153054

mail: valmarg@abv.bg