10 ideas for paths with stones built with Ivaylovgrad gneiss

Trails in the yard and garden are not just places to cross. They also give pleasure if they are tasteful and stylish. To do this, use the Ivaylovgrad gneiss. You can supplement it with river stones, grass between the stones – the so-called grass joints, or otherwise, according to your preferences and the materials you have. Here are 10 ideas to choose from.

1 Wide path with polygonal gneiss plates

Use polygonal gneiss plates, to form a wide walkway, in the spirit of the antique layouts. The grass joint between the plates will complement the path with greenery. 


пътека с полигонални гнайсови плочи

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2 Trail of regular shape slabs separated by grass joints

This trail is also very attractive. Use Ivaylovgrad gneiss in the correct shape of the plates, arrange them evenly and plant grass between them to form grass joints. 


пътека от рязан гнайс

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3 Stepped path on sloping terrain

The sloping terrain is suitable for stepwise arrangement of natural stone slabs. Here you can leave grass joints between them as well. 


пътека от камък

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4 Path with polygonal plates and decorative coarse sand between them

Use felt or sand as a base to place the gneiss plates on. For more attractiveness, you can color the sand to reddish or golden, depending on which color of the stone you use – silver-gray or golden-beige. 


гнайс за пътека

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5 A path with large gneiss plates and small pebbles between them

To shape this path, you can use river stones or other decorative small stones. You will easily fill the joints between large irregularly shaped slabs with small pebbles. There must be cement underneath to attach the small pebbles, and if you judge, arrange the large gneiss plates on the cement to secure them. 


камък за пътека

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6 A path of small pieces of gneiss, with evenly placed ornaments

Gneiss clippings are easy to arrange for a path. You can also design ornaments, such as geometric shapes, to make the path more attractive. It is very easy, and also very effective, to form spirals.


изграждане на пътека от камък

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7 Trail from gneiss paving stones

One of the most sought after Valmarg Stone products is the classic pavements. They come in both colors of Ivaylovgrad gneiss and are standard in shape. 


гнайс от ивайловград за настилка

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8 Antique style pavement path

Another product of the Valmarg Stone flooring is the antique-style paving stones with rounded edges. Choose one or the other color of the gneiss material and arrange a path that you can complement with statues or vessels in antique style beside it.


пътека с камъни гнайс

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9 Stone path with colored fugue

If you do not have a lot of resources, you can simply arrange the plates at small distances from each other. Try combining slabs with the two  colors of Ivaylovgrad gneiss. In the joints you can plant seeds of annual or perennial small flowers that will create the color and mood of your path.


павета от гнайс за настилка

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10 Trail with stone figures of cuttings and bones gneiss

Gneiss cuts and bones are cheap and you can buy them at a promotion from Valmarg Stone. Bones and gneiss cuts, combined with the stones available in the yard, will allow you to quickly and with little means form a new path. Bones can be arranged as a curb or separate the stone slabs.


ивайловградски камък за настилка

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These ideas are just some of the possible solutions for the beautiful paths in the courtyard and garden with gneiss products by Valmarg Stone.