Ivailovgrad Gneiss for the Bedroom

The trend not to stick to the rigid rules for home furnishing has long applied to the bedrooms. The heavy furniture and curtains, a must-have symbol of solidity that makes it easier to relax and sleep tight, give way to lightweight beds, minimal furniture, plenty of room and of course, light curtains. For a family to experience real comfort, it is recommended that natural materials dominate the bedroom – Ivailovgrad gneiss, wood, fresh flowers.

Color solutions for the bedroom

If your budget allows, tile all walls with gneiss in one of the two colors. They are universal – golden beige and silver gray. Select a color based on the shades that will shape the look of the bedroom. Preferably the colors should not be bright, and the combination of black and white is becoming increasingly popular precisely for the bedroom. This combination will stand out even more effectively when combined with tiling and decorative elements from Ivailovgrad stone.


естествен камък за стая

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Gneiss in the bedroom

Until recently natural stone was associated with flooring and building of fire pits, fences, and walls. But the beauty of all decorative stones is very well received even when we create small elements of the room and home. The same fully applies to the bedroom.

Create shelves tiled with gneiss or tile a wall or part of a wall in the bedroom. To make it visually pleasing, the tiled wall should be opposite the bed.

A frame from gneiss slabs around the wall mirror will also contribute to the overall ambience in the bedroom.

Another idea is to use gneiss from ValMarg Stone for the tiling of the fireplace in the bedroom.

There is also space on the partition walls for tiling or shaping decorative figures from gneiss.


гнайс за стена

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Gneiss flooring for the bedroom

Instead of wall tiling, you may place the emphasis on gneiss flooring. Polygonal gneiss slabs on the floor are reminiscent of the old flooring. ValMarg Stone also offers two types of gneiss slabs, one of which designed in the classical style and the other in a vintage style – with rounded corners. Decide on which of the two types will be a better choice for your bedroom flooring.

Gneiss elements – tiling, curbs, and others are complemented naturally by wooden decoration – figurines, carved wood panels, and others.

Modern metal structures in combination with gneiss

Additional elements that will match well with the design of the bedroom with gneiss are metal structures. These may include metal lamps – reading or wall lamps over the bed, lightweight tables with metal legs, and others depending on how you prefer to complement the bedroom for comfort and convenience.



ивайловградски гнайс за обличане

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Bamboo furniture and gneiss

Bamboo has become popular as a durable and very lightweight material. If these qualities are important for you, realize your project. Combining bamboo furniture with gneiss flooring slabs, tiling, and decoration has become very popular and practical and is also appealing.

Fresh potted flowers

Potted flowers help create a natural and inviting atmosphere. The right choice of flowers will create an even more welcoming atmosphere. One of the best flowers to grow in the bedroom is rose which helps combat fatigue while rosemary eliminates bacteria. To repel insects and odorize, choose geranium.

An important rule is not to place flowers near the bed and at least one meter away from it. Arrange them on gneiss shelving or at the background of decoration or tiling from Ivailovgrad stone.



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