Advantages of Cut Gneiss Stones from Ivaylovgrad

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Recent years, with the advancement of private initiatives and entrepreneurship in construction, natural cut stones have become more and more popular.  Today, we see them very often to adorn not only private homes and restaurants, but also public buildings, parks and gardens. A great advantage is their standard size, which makes them easier for tiling and accounts or their wide range of  applications in various finishes (walls, friezes, columns) and roads (paths, stairways, curbs).


What is the Supply

The market supply of cut gneiss stones from Ivailovgrad is in standard sizes:  the width is fixed, and the length is by the customer’s desires. Most often, the width of the stones is from 5 cm-10 cm to 30 cm, as the requirement for circumcision states that the stones should have at least two parallel sides and right angles. Based on the wish of the client, they can also be cut in size.  The thickness of the slabstones in one pallet (this is the unit they are usually sold in) is identical with very little deviation. When putting the facing stones, it is important that they are of approximately equal thickness. Thus, if you buy more than one pallet, you need to track whether the thickness of the stones in all pallets is the same.


 gneiss What You Need to Know  

Please, look for more information on gneiss before purchasing it. Since the supply of gneiss on the market is great,  you have to predict in advance what area you need to cover; it is always better to allow an extra amount, just in case.

Ivaylovgrad ‘s gneiss is usually sold in pallets and each one contains about twenty lines of stones, depending on their thickness.


Each line should cover 1 sq. m. area, so from the stones of one pallet you  would be able to cover at least 20 sq. m.   When choosing the product, you should comply with the color choice, thickness and size of stone, in addition to the desired quantity.

Please, keep in mind that the bigger size facings are placed more easily, you can always reduce their size, if necessary and less material is required for joints.

cut stones

Please, Note:

The quality of the stone revetment or pavement very much depends on the quality of the cut stones, which you will buy. Thus, the choice you are about to make and the trader you are about to buy from, are not to be underestimated.


Please, make a preliminary research of the quality of the gneiss offered by various producers and traders and do not get fooled by the low prices. Trust only tried and time – tested companies, with good reviews, that rely on the loyalty of their customers and keep the high quality of the material, having enjoyed a good reputation in the industry.


There are manufacturers, who want to trick you with low prices, when in fact, either the quality of the cut stone does not conform to the required standards, or the quantity is such that, in effect, would increase greatly the work you need to do.


Regarding the Quality of the Stones  

It is good to know that slabstones, extracted from greater depth, are thicker and more preferable. Such are the mined stone from Ivaylovgrad.


stones from Ivailovgrad They are more solid and sturdy, with a rough, nonslip surface and extremely resistant to various mechanical, chemical and temperature impacts. You can check the strength of the cut stones by tapping on them. The crumbling and soft stones echo while the solid ones make a clear and sharp sound. In addition, on the walls of quality gneiss, there are traces from the tool, used for cutting. Mild gneiss, on the other hand, does not have any marks from cutting, because it crumbles easily.


Gneiss Stones from Ivaylovgrad

The Region of Ivailovgrad is famous for the high quality mined fossil tiles. They are famous for being more solid  and in better than the tiles from the other areas of the Rhodope Mountains. For this reason, demand for them is very high not only in the country, but also abroad. The good quality of mined stones from Ivailovgrad is a guarantee for their quick and easy application. In addition, the gneiss – created finishes or flooring remain for generations ahead, without demanding any care, replacement costs or maintenance in time.