Paving stones from Ivailovgrad gneiss for flooring in front of the garage

For the pavement in front of the garage, several important rules must be observed. First, in winter, this flooring should not be slippery. In addition, it must be sufficiently durable during all seasons and resilient to the load from the car.

Concrete flooring definitely does not meet the requirements of comfort and security. A pile of solid material with a durable and slippery surface must be laid on the concrete. One of the solutions is a mosaic, but it takes a lot of time to arrange. An even better option is the Ivailovgrad gneiss pavement flooring.


Павета от ивайловградски гнайс



The qualities of gneiss as a flooring material

Not only the beautiful gneiss species harvested in the area of ​​Ivaylovgrad gains supporters, and other features of the gneiss have great advantages when it comes to durability and dirt resistance.

The gneiss also includes granite. The gneiss material is extremely hard. This is very important for outdoor flooring and for flooring on which a vehicle will be driven.

In addition to the resistance to extreme natural conditions, gneiss has another important quality – it is resistant even to aggressive chemicals.

Another advantage we will add is that gneiss is also fire-resistant.



настилка от камък пред гаража


The price of gneiss material is low compared to the prices of other natural paving materials

Compared with other types of natural stone, gneiss has a lower price because it is easy to harvest. Gneiss is harvested in Bulgaria and this contributes to the attractive prices of these decorative stones. It is also easier to process the gneiss material.

Gneiss pavements for flooring on the driveway to the garage

The gneiss pavements offered by Valmarg Stone have three types of dimensions: 10 × 10 cm, 12 × 12 cm and 15 × 15 cm. Their thickness is according to the customer’s preference. If the paving is intended for concrete flooring, the thickness may be less.

The colors of the pavement are gold and silver. Available in two varieties: standard-style pavers and antique-style pavers with rounded edges. For flooring in front of the garage we recommend standard paving.

The arrangement of the paving is easy because of the correct shape. With the pavement you will guarantee a long period of use, as this Ivaylovgrad stone is very resistant to wear. The flooring will not deform and will not slip in the winter.


павета за настилка



The aesthetic advantages of the gneiss pavers

Besides the beautiful look, gneiss paving can be easily arranged in figures. If you want not only durable and practical, but also beautiful flooring, you can combine the paving of the two colors and arrange shapes – geometric or other shapes.

Pavements also create a sense of greater spaciousness.

Very attractive is the arrangement of the paving with the fuzzy joint.


Joints filling between the pavements

Fugitive materials that are generally available for flooring can also be used to build pavement floorings in front of the garage. Choose between mortar of different types and other grouts.

When choosing the grout you have to look for a material that is resistant to frost and is of high strength. So under the paving will not penetrate moisture in rain and snow or when washing the pavement.