9 suggestions for decorations with natural stone in the interior

Natural stone is naturally beautiful and with it your home will acquire original comfort. Select the materials offered by Valmarg Stone, and you will create a unique piece in which your own design will reflect your preferences for comfort and beauty.

Естествени камъни от Валмарг Стоун

Natural stones from Valmarg Stone

Depending on the surface and the area that you will face or complement you can choose polygonal tiles, gneiss, cuttings, gneiss pavers. Pavers are two types: classic and with rounded edges, in antique style, which will add old-world charm to the interior.

Here are some ideas to complement the home with natural stone.

A combination of stone tiles and bones or pavers

For wall facing you can create contrast between a sector with polygonal stone tiles and a sector faced with bones.

Contrast can be achieved with tiles along the wall and gneiss pavers for flooring.

облицовка с кокали


The shelves are traditionally made of wood. Why not add stone shelves in the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom? You can form them in addition with wood, and so they will resemble the old style Bulgarian houses. The stone shelves are strong and on them you can arrange books. You can arrange them in a column, one above another or scattered.

The niche with stone facing

The niche could serve as a cupboard. But if you face it with natural stone, it will become a real decoration. Add lighting, individual lights or LED lighting to enhance the pottery and figurines arranged on stone shelves. Each niche, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the corridor can become an attractive area with stone facing.

декорации с естествен камък

A niche for the TV set with a frame of natural stone

The niche that you have planned for your TV set will become a similar to a picture creation with a stone curb. Valmarg Stone offers gneiss bones in two shades – silver-gray and golden-beige. Choose the right shade for a framework that will create the illusion of stone masonry in depth.

камък за стена

Face a wall or column in the living room or the hallway

In the living room or the hallway you can face an entire wall, a sector of the wall or columns. Complete with rough wooden furniture and you will achieve the atmosphere of old-time houses.

камък за облицоване на колона

The fireplace in the living room

The fireplace is particularly suitable for cladding with natural stone. You can add shelves around or over it. Consider niche above the fireplace, also lined with stone. You will receive a beautiful combination.

камина с камък

Bar and booth

The stone bar is another often implemented idea; include it in your project. Shape a booth made of stone in which you can also form the interior with a combination of stone and wood.

бар плот с камък

The combination of stone and glass in the living room

Glass and stone create a beautiful contrast between the rough charm of the stone surface and the smoothness of glass. Glass table or countertop until lined with a stone wall will make the interior to shine.

облицоване на стена с камък

The bathroom and the pool of natural stone

If your bathroom is large, with a pool, this is the place, which is particularly suitable for construction of natural stone. Complete with a seating area, a bench and a table, a booth. The flooring around may be of gneiss pavers.

камък за баня