8 advantages of using natural stone for landscaping design

Backyard and garden landscaping – a natural continuation and blend with the environment

When you are designing your garden or other outdoor space, the natural blend with the surrounding environment and view is essential for its nice and attractive appearance. Natural materials are the main ones to use, and there is no doubt that the top preferred material for landscaping is natural stone.

Valmarg Stone offers natural stone – polygonal slates with natural form as well as cut stone. Both materials are suitable for facings and for flooring, but they can be implemented in the making of various other areas and elements of your outdoor space in order to create a unique and unmatched surrounding.

Here are 8 advantages of the use of natural stone for your landscaping design projects:


  1. Natural stone is attractive and visually stunning

The beauty of natural stone is indisputable. It is a natural creation symbolizing strength, with an amazing texture and a flow of natural colors in each stone. Valmarg Stone offers natural stone in golden-beige and silver-grey hues.



естествен камък от Валмарг Стоун


  1. This is a material which you can use for building or decorating any part or element of your outdoor space

Water based elements are ideas which are directly borrowed form nature. They are becoming growingly popular in landscaping. You can build a stunning stream, waterfall or garden pool  – be sure that the splash and rumble of the flowing water will bring joy to your ears and sight.


необработен камък

  1. This is a material which you can use to build or decorate your outdoor space by yourself

Building or decorating elements or areas with natural stone is easy, whether you choose a more basic or a more detailed design. Every irregularity will only bring more charm and originality to your landscaping project.


камъни за настилки


  1. You do not harm the environment when you use natural stone

The use of natural stone for landscaping helps reduce the pollution of the environment. There is no other material which is more suitable if you care for the environment. Even if you don’t combine it with plants because you do not have the means or time for caring for them, your stone creations will still be attractive and will capture the attention.


дялан камък


  1. If you plan on planting lot of vegetation, natural stone will complement it perfectly

If you have the time and the desire to plant flowers, trees and other vegetation in your outdoor space, it will bring more beauty and a breath of fresh air. Natural stone is an irreplaceable addition to every rock garden  and will allow you to create a closer feel to the natural environment of the wilderness and of the mountain.


Камъни за алпинеум


  1. If you live near a slope or landslide, you can fortify it with the help of natural stone

If there is a risk of landslides in your area, you can build a fortifying wall made of natural stone which will serve as solid support for the unstable slope.


естествен камък за подпорна стена


  1. The convenience of using natural stone

Combining natural stones of different sizes and adding some smaller pebbles or stone blocks here and there in your garden, as well as various other landscaping solutions allows you to choose any combination of your preference for the design of your outdoor space. Just look around for stones which can help improve the design of your garden – it is possible that you will find just the right material near to your home.


камъни за декорация


  1. Natural stone is the most suitable material for a wall or fence

Whether you need a low or a high wall to separate your yard into sectors, water pools or plant and flower plots, you can use the most suitable material – cut stone.  Remember the attractive stone walls in the last old village or town you visited and the charm of the uneven forms and shapes of the stones used for building them, and imagine bringing this charm into your own personal garden or backyard!


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