What are the benefits of natural stone floors during winter

Natural stone has the important benefits of natural materials: a natural appeal and no risk of contamination of the environment with artificial materials. The natural stone offered by Valmarg Stone is suitable not only for exterior cladding and shaping the exterior, but also for interior design solutions – wall cladding and floor paving in your home.

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Benefits of natural stone floors not only during summer, but also during winter

  • Excellent heat conduction
  • Heat retention

In our days when energy conservation is among the main goals to reduce the costs in your home, these benefits can help lower heating bills in winter. Moreover, when installing underfloor heating it will always be nice to step on the floor, as for your pets, cats and dogs, the warm, natural stone floor will be their favorite spot at any time of day.

Excellent heat conduction

Natural stone conducts heat and this is used in underfloor heating. Natural stone floors heat much faster and soon after heating you can turn it off to save energy.

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Heat retention

Heat retention is especially important during winter. After rapid heating of the natural stone floor you can count on it retaining the heat for a long time. This is due to the properties of the natural stone. The retained heat is released slowly, so even when it’s very cold outside, you can walk barefoot on the floor. Your pets won’t even think of getting off it.

With stone flooring you choose the best solution for your home not only during the summer, but also in the cold season when the floor needs to effectively conduct heat and retain it in order to ensure the constant heating of the whole room. Add to those advantages the strength of natural stone, offered by Valmarg Stone and its attractive appearance.

With natural stone floors we can prevent heat loss

Heat loss in the home can’t be completely avoided, that’s why it’s important to know how much heat can be lost through the floor and consequently how much heat we can save with a floor made from natural stone that will retain heat.

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In comparison with other parts of the home the loss from the floor is about 10% of the total heat loss. Of course, the heat loss is different for different types of homes. If you live in an apartment the losses depend on whether the apartment is internal or with at least two external walls. In houses the heat losses through the roof are about 25%. The most significant losses however, are from the walls – up to 40%.

When the stone floor is well heated and releases this heat slower, it is transmitted through the air and thus reduces the total heat loss.

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