10 great suggestions for using natural stone in your home

Increasingly, we turn to stone as a natural and beautiful material with which to round out the interior and the exterior. Even historical monuments, such as Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids can serve us as an inspiration. Of course, the home project is much smaller in scale, but with the gneiss from Valmarg Stone we will achieve no less spectacular effect. Places that can stand out with gneiss cladding are many – at home and in the yard. Take a look at ten of them.

Cladding with gneiss

We can choose for cladding separate walls or columns, to clad a part of the external walls or the fence. The two shades of Ivaylovgrad gneiss from Valmarg Stone give you the option to choose – silver-gray or golden-beige. Especially if you choose cladding with gneiss bones, it will be a cheap way to achieve an impressive effect.

Облицовка с гнайс

Fireplace made of gneiss

We can clad the fireplace, which is the less expensive option. So, outside it will look impressive, in the style of the old fireplaces, whether it is at home or in the yard.

каменно огнище

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Gneiss for the porch

On the porch we can clad separate sections, to erect a decorative arch. It will make our rest more pleasant for freshness in the summer heat.

Outdoor Stone and Timber Deck

Gneiss stones for the path

Have you seen the paths in the yards of old houses – from stone tiles? Bring old-fashioned style with gneiss tiles. Around them you can arrange bones for a more finished appearance.

пътека от камъни

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Fire-pit in the garden – with gneiss cladding

If you do not insist on a large fireplace, you can build fire-pit. It is suitable for placing a grill on it. And with the gneiss cladding it acquires finished and elegant look.

огнище от камъни

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Stone benches

Use gneiss from Valmarg Stone to construct several benches in the garden. Place a pergola next to them or build them near bushes whose shadow will cool you.

каменна пейка

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A long bench by the pool

Why not consider a long bench by the pool in the yard? You can leave your towel there or relax with a cup of coffee. Complete the bench with elements of rock garden sidewards.

Bathtub with gneiss cladding

The tub with water warmed by the sun is a blessing for bathing in the evening. It will become a real jewel with gneiss cladding.

джакузи с камъни

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Rockery in the yard

The arrangement of a nook with gneiss stones and ornamental plants is a creative task. No matter where you create it – near the arbor, by the pool or in another place, it will attract you and your guests.

Алпинеум в двора

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Kitchen countertop with supporting gneiss columns

Gneiss elements are welcome in every room, including the kitchen. If the kitchen countertop has supporting gneiss columns, this will decidedly add originality of the whole kitchen interior. To emphasize the columns, place lighting under the countertop.

In fact, where we will add gneiss as a decoration depends on our vision and our preferences. We don’t even need to clad entire walls – cladding only vertical stripes along the edges to imitate columns, is impressive enough. In the corner, in the niche, on the side of the fireplace, in a part of the corridor – the possibilities are many. Satisfaction is always great, especially when our guests make compliments.