10 ideas for a fireplace with natural stone in the house

The fireplace gathers for warm and cool evenings the family, couples in love, numerous company. For all this is an attractive place, which is associated with comfort, with the old traditions of cooking delicious food simmering on the fire. Today, the fireplace is mostly a decorative element of the home, but its place in the home is still important and it is desired by every family.

Natural stone, such as gneiss, offered by Walmarg Stone, is a must for fireplaces in modern homes. The beauty of the natural material highlights even the most traditional fireplace design. We will offer you 10 ideas for fireplaces built with natural stone.

ивайловградски гнайс за камина

Fireplace built into the wall

This design is convenient in that a niche is made in the wall for the fireplace, but the construction does not protrude beyond the wall. The facing of the whole wall or the area around the fireplace with stone like Ivaylovgrad gneiss will look very beautiful.

гнайс за Камина, вградена в стената

Fireplace by the windows

In this design, the view of the fireplace is combined with the view through the window. Usually the fireplace is built in the middle between two windows so that there is enough space on both sides. 

идеи за камина

Fireplace in the living room, as a separate structure

The fireplace in the living room is the typical choice for a return to the traditional atmosphere. Such a structure can be used as a partition separating two areas of the living room. It is also convenient to be used at the back, where you can build a threshold used for seating, as well as shelves.

Камина с камък в хола

Fireplace with a shelf above it

This is a traditional design, using the shelf to arrange decorative figurines, photos and more. If you have a collection of decorative figures or you like to arrange a lot of photos, this is a suitable solution. The shelf can be made entirely of stone or a combination of stone with wooden ornaments.

камина с естествен камък

Fireplace in the corner of the living room

This fireplace is not the center of attention, but is suitable for forming a seating area around it. With its placement in the corner, the emphasis is on the sofa and coffee table, as the main gathering place for the family. But the corner around the fireplace also has its place, especially for solitude.

Камина с полица над нея

Narrow fireplace between the sofa and the armchairs

When the space in the living room is not large, the narrow fireplace is very suitable for families who hold on to this element. Place the sofa on one side, the armchairs opposite it, and the niche for the fireplace should be in the short wall, between the sofa and the armchairs.

камък за камина

Wall with a niche for the fireplace and a TV above it

Line the entire wall with natural stone, by providing several niches – for the fireplace, for a cabinet or cabinets symmetrically on both sides, and above them a niche for the TV. This will create a composition that will look very stylish on the wall lined with natural stone tiles.

облицоване на камина скамък

Fireplace combined with aquarium

Such a combination is very attractive. The large aquarium, built into a niche in the wall, is a common decorative element, and combined with a fireplace on the same wall, will contribute to the original look of the wall and the whole room.

Камина комбинирана с аквариум

Fireplace, lined with natural stone, with decorative wooden ornaments

The combination of facing stones with decorative ornaments is very impressive. To make such a fireplace more effective, it is preferable for it to be a separate construction and not built into a wall. Decorative elements can be located on the edges of the structure.

Камина, облицована с естествен камък

Fireplace in a column

The support columns can also be used to build a fireplace in them. The direction of the open part so that it occupies the corner between two of the walls is especially impressive.

Камина в колона

Each family can choose the right design for a fireplace in the home. With Ivaylovgrad stone cladding and suitable location, it will be the most original interior decoration.