Only natural stone floorings are resistant to wear

Floorings, that allow easy cleaning, are a common choice for all who want to maintain the floor easy. Terracotta, granitogres or natural stone tiles as flooring will provide the necessary ease of cleaning. With terracotta tiles you can count on a variety of colors, among which to choose the right for the color range of your home. But when it comes to sustainability, the better choice is tiles from natural stone – gneiss.

естествения камък

Теракота и гранитогрес – сравнение с естествения камък гнайс

Terracotta tiles are not very resistant to wear and there is a risk of breaking if an object with great weight falls on them. Their coating abrades over time. Granitogres, which is a relatively newer material, is produced as first coating is applied and then baked, which provides a stronger bond between the coating layer and the base material. But just as the terracotta tiles, granitogres tiles abrades over time, albeit more slowly than terracotta. That is why these two materials should not be used in rooms that are used intensively, in which penetrate grit from the external environment. Even grit gradually ruins the appearance of terracotta tiles and granitogres.

Compared to these materials, gneiss as natural stone offers guaranteed hardness and resistant to wear. This natural feature makes it preferable for flooring when we want to keep as long as possible their good appearance without annoying traces of wear.

каменни плочи

Advantage of the natural stone due to its appearance

The natural stone gives the house a greater comfort as it reminds closeness to nature, in which natural conditions you can relax the best. The tiles with a natural form offered by Valmarg Stone are different sizes like the stone tiles which you will see in the mountains are different for example. You can choose between golden-beige and silver-gray color.

The flooring, which will be built of natural stone tiles, will remind you of the flooring of the old houses in our architectural reserves. Not by chance they are visited by many foreign tourists who are fascinated by the symphony, created by the natural materials in them. Not by chance at the agricultural show in Paris in March 2016 the Bulgarian stand is in a style of an authentic house from Koprivshtitsa. This causes huge interest in French people to the opportunity to stay at such houses in our country. In the symphony of materials which enchant so powerfully, the stone floorings play an important role.

земеделското изложение в Париж през март 2016 г.


Sustainability of the stone tiles flooring

Additionally to the charm of the natural material that takes you back to naturally created materials and colors, the stone tiles have one more advantage, which is even more important than the natural attractiveness. This is the exceptional stability of the stone as a material. Stone tiles offered by Valmarg Stone, have a thickness from 1.5 to 4.5 cm. This thickness itself ensures sustainability, but the very material – natural stone is naturally resistant to wear, regardless of thickness.

Каменни плочи от гнайс