Design of unique outdoor kitchens with natural stone

The open-air kitchen is now mandatory for owners of a house or villa with a yard. Cooking in the fresh air, combined with pleasant hours of food consumption, is a pleasure.


уникални кухни на открито с естествен камък


The material for the outdoor kitchen must be durable in many ways

It is important to use a material that is waterproof and withstands all kinds of influences – extreme temperatures, chemicals – if you accidentally spill any detergent, and also to retain its appearance for decades. The answer to all these requirements is easy – choose gneiss from Valmarg Stone.

In order to be able to provide an attractive look to your outdoor kitchen, line it with natural stone. The choice of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad is suitable for your kitchen in the yard or garden. With such a cladding, it will shine in silver gray or golden pink – one of the impressive colors of this durable and beautiful stone material.


гнайсов камък Ивайловград


What is a must to consider for the outdoor kitchen

First of all, if you live in a mountainous area with a long winter, you should also build side walls and a roof to provide comfort in cold weather. If your house or villa is located in a flat area, with mostly warm weather, you can limit yourself to a roof, for protection from the sun and rain. However, to form a complete corner, you can build low partitions to line with gneiss.


камък за облицоване на кухня


Choosing a place for the outdoor kitchen

Experts recommend choosing a shady place for your kitchen in the fresh air. Gneiss cladding and flooring have a very high resistance both to extreme weather conditions and in many other respects. But choosing a shady place will provide you with protection from the scorching sun. Take care of the look of your kitchen by choosing such a suitable place.


гнайс за облицовки на открито


If you will use the barbecue often

If you are a fan of barbecue, the place of the outdoor kitchen should be close to the kitchen in the house. You will certainly use the refrigerator and freezer often, so it is important that the distance from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor is short.


Another factor for the location – do not disturb the neighbors

The proximity of your outdoor kitchen to the fence and the neighbors’ home is not recommended. So the smoke, and the smell, and the noise of the merry party will disturb them. Choose a place that is as comfortable as possible in relation to the neighbors, so as not to cause them discomfort.


камък за градината


Provide your outdoor kitchen with a design according to your preferences

If you hold on to a large and comfortable surface for processing products, you need to provide a large countertop. The back with gneiss plates will give it beauty.

For your outdoor kitchen you can keep on a kitchen island. It is a convenient multifunctional element – it can also be used for drinking a drink before dinner and then for serving food. Under the counter of the island you can store dishes, utensils, spices and more.

Naturally, barbecue is a must for lovers of meat specialties. But grilled vegetables are already on the table. For convenient preparation of such specialties provide a large enough barbecue, with space for wood or charcoal under it. Line it with gneiss slabs of Ivaylovgrad.

Consider an attractive floor with gneiss material – polygonal gneiss slabs or pavers. Pavers are easier to arrange, but polygonal tiles create a more attractive view in the style of ancient courtyards.


естествен камък за открити настилки


Use the same cladding and flooring for both the terrace and the garden paths

If you are going to furnish a new home or villa and build an outdoor kitchen, it is preferable to use the same cladding and flooring for the terrace, walkways and outdoor kitchen.

Start by planning the location and the elements of your outdoor kitchen. Contact us to provide sufficient material for construction, cladding and flooring. And after a period of hard work and building this so important component of your exterior, enjoy the results with family and friends.