Tiling and flooring from natural stone – a possible solution for the kitchen

The kitchen has long been the room that we used to associate with the smell of cooked food, crumbs, spills, and simple furnishings but this is no longer the case. The desire for comfort also drives the design of this so important for each family room. More and more families opt for stylish furnishings for their kitchens, and tiling from natural materials such as the Ivailovgrad stone is a preferred solution and not only for its beauty. Each type of natural stone has a natural beauty but gneiss is also practical which is very important for the kitchen setting.

ивайловградски камък

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Advantages of gneiss over other natural stones

Granite and marble are very popular materials for tiling and flooring in modern homes. Here we will examine the advantages of gneiss over them.

Marble is undoubtedly beautiful. But this is also a material that is soft and porous. It is not water-proof, easily absorbs water and other liquids, and stains easily form on the surface. Sun exposure also affects the surface of marble slabs – they become darker. This is why it is not suitable for the kitchen.

Granite is another natural material that attracts with its natural charm. It does not absorb liquids easily and is durable at extreme temperatures. But granite slabs are quite heavy. If the surface of the granite slab gets damaged, the defect cannot be easily repaired. Another major problem may also arise because granite is a very expensive material. If you insist on having granite elements in the kitchen, you should consider whether the advantages of adding them are more compared to gneiss.

Now we will highlight the advantages of gneiss. This is a material with a great hardness that does not absorb water and other liquids. Its surface is rough and not prone to sliding. In addition to being durable, this natural stone is affordable.


естествен камък за кухня

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Tiling the walls with gneiss

The tiling may not cover the entire surface of the walls. It is enough to tile the spaces between the cupboards, the back of the kitchen countertop, and the wall above the sink. This natural stone for tiles combines very well with wooden cupboards.


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The kitchen will not only be just a place to cook and eat but also a place to have friends coming over

This is a trend that has become more common in modern homes. Kitchens furnished with stylish furniture attract as the main room to spend family time together, and it feels nice to welcome friends in the kitchen when coming over. The gneiss tiling from ValMarg Stone on walls, back of the countertop, wall above the sink, as well as the other elements from gneiss from Ivailovgrad will draw attention because of the natural charm of this material.


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Combine with a matching faucet and cabinet handles

To create a theme for the kitchen interior, you need to match the gneiss tiling with even tiny details such as a matching faucet, cabinet handles, and so on.


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Gneiss flooring

If your budget permits, gneiss flooring will give an even better finish to the kitchen interior. The qualities of gneiss make it a preferred flooring solution. The pavements offered by ValMarg Stone help create unique solutions – the classic pavements are attractive-looking elements for the floor layout.


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