Ashlar fence

The ashlar fence is strong, solid and impressive and beautiful with its antiquity. With hewn stones from Valmarg Stone it will adorn your exterior and with your own ideas or designer ideas you will turn it into an original construction that can rival the most beautiful antique fences in the Bulgarian cities reserves.

Hewn stones from Valmarg Stone are with regular shape and sized 20 to 20 cm. The regular shape facilitates their arrangement, so if you prefer the DIY method it will not be difficult to handle with masonry by yourself. Besides, you will also feel the pleasure of being masters of your fence, and you family and friends will appreciate your mastery.

Ограда от дялан камък


The height and thickness of the fence

Depending on whether you prefer your fence to have a protective function or to be decorative and dividing as a supporting wall, you can build a higher or lower fence. Depending on the purpose of the fence you will decide and what will be its thickness.

Provide a solid base for the fence

The solid base is a guarantee for the stability of the fence. Begin with concrete base which depth must be between 40 and 50 cm. If you want to manage without concrete, the other option is drainage with stones.

If you are planning a more solid fence with a thickness of about 70 cm

We recommend you to build the fence through double-faced masonry. This will ensure its stability. In the middle you can fill rubble and to bond it with cement mortar. With reinforcing net you will complement the stability.

You can start with reinforcing net. On both sides arrange hewn stones. Then in the middle pour concrete.

Turn the ashlar fence into an original creation

Put into the design you vision for attractiveness of the fence. In it you can embed cart wheels or other items made of wood or iron. If you embed a statue in the fence, it will also impress. You can embed several identical statues located equidistant, for example in the center of each side of the fence.

Каменна ограда


If you want to have and entirely stone fence, make a design of a figure of pebbles, stone cuttings – bones, and more. Valmarg Stone offers bones and gneiss cuttings, which you can use for the figures. They can be flowers, trees, geometric figures and others.

The corners of the fence – places for decoration

The corners of the fence are great places in which to place accents – flower pots, which also can be made of stone, or decorative turrets.

Stone fence with a place for relaxation

Build a bench to the fence which will be a part of the place for relaxation. This may be a niche on the inside or on the outside. Complete the bench – stone or wooden, with a table – also stone or wooden, in accordance with the bench.

каменни изрезки за ограда


The door – another major element of the fence

Do not forget about decoration above the door. This can be an arch, also from hewn stone.

If you combine the stone fence with a metal decorative bar, it will be wonderfully complemented with a metal door with the same decorative elements.

каменна ограда