Handmade stone troughs for decorative fountains in the garden

Fountain in the garden! Who would give up this convenience? Therefore, along with the gazebo, barbecue and children’s playground, the fountain – convenience for washing, drinking, cooling in the summer heat is a basic necessity.


Каменни корита ръчна изработка


The fountain has always been present in the yards, not only as a water facility, but also as a decorative element. In order to shine with attractiveness, to attract the eyes of guests and passers- by, the covering with facing stone is the first step. And we offer you to go back to the old way of life and make the design of the fountain in the yard even more beautiful, with a handmade natural stone trough . 


How to get a stone trough

It is most convenient to use an old trough, forgotten in the basement, barn or in the country house. But not everyone can boast of such finds among the old things collected for decades. And the new stone trough shines with the charm of a newly created jewel. Very attractive are the colors of gneiss from Valmarg Stone, in silver-gray and golden- beige. Whether the layout of the yard is in a modern style, or you rely on ancient traditions, with stone slabs and lots of geraniums, the fountain with a gneiss trough will fit easily and beautifully into the overall design. Order a handmade trough from Valmarg Stone. 

The ancient fountains with stone troughs, located in squares, had two or three connected troughs so that the cattle could quench their thirst. This is an idea that you may like if your yard is large and there is room for such troughs. It is even more impressive to place the troughs amphitheatrically.


корито за чешма


The trough has a drain hole or a gutter at the top

Drainage is an important convenience at the fountain. If you prefer an opening in the lower part through which the water drains, you must specify this when ordering a cut trough . 

If you prefer a gutter at the top where the water drains down, like a small waterfall, you should also include the requirement for such drainage in the order.


каменно корито от Валмарг


Placing and fixing the trough

The trough can be placed on the ground, or you can attach it to metal legs or stone blocks. If the trough is raised, the moisture under the trough will be able to evaporate easily.


Facing the upper part of the fountain

For the upper part of the fountain, where the water pipe will pass, it is important to provide a lining. Choose gneiss in the color of the trough and line it with cuttings so that you can easily fit the individual stones and not have to cut, which would be necessary for large slabs.


чешма с каменно корито


Additional design and decoration

The planted greenery around the fountain with a stone trough Ivaylovgrad will take us to the old Bulgarian way of life, together with a metal chain on which to hang a metal vessel for water drinking. Here is also the place of stone pots, clay pitchers and other ceramic vessels. And to save the corner of the fountain with the Ivaylovgrad gneiss trough from rain, build a shed covered with Turkish tiles. If desired, you can place an entire dining and recreation area under the shed, in which the fountain will occupy a central place.