What type of natural stone to choose – cut or natural shaped (polygonal)

Natural stone has become a material of growing popularity when designing the interior of homes due to its natural beauty. You can choose between cut stone with identical form and size, or natural polygonal slates. Valmarg Stone offers both types. When you are making your choice it is good to know the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of natural stone.

Какъв естествен камък да изберем

Let’s start with the price

Price is one of the main factors affecting the choice. If it is a leading factor in your choice, then the more optimal choice are the polygonal slates because they are less expensive. On the other hand, natural cut stones are easier to arrange and fit together. You must decide whether you prefer to spend less on the material for your project or whether you want the fitting of the tones to be easier and faster.

If you are using the natural stone as flooring on a concrete floor

In order to make the outdoor flooring more durable and stronger, it is advisable that you lay concrete beneath the natural stone flooring is laid. The stones are more durable than the concrete, and the stone flooring is much more beautiful than a concrete one.  Cut stone is easier to be laid and fitted on the concrete. The equal sizing and shape of the cut stone will cover the concrete, so there are no gaps between the stones.

On the other hand, the unformed polygonal slates are thicker which is an important benefit when flooring is concerned.


полигонални плочи

Natural stone for cladding

The cladding of walls with stones, be it indoors or outdoors, partially or fully is an excellent choice for adding a natural old-fashioned style to your property. If the stone wall cladding will be only partial, then the use of cut stone is a better and more practical choice again because of the easier fitting. On the other hand, if you prefer the even more natural beauty of the uneven natural stones, then you should choose polygonal slates instead. True, this means that the design and the fitting of the stones will take longer, but you can add glitz wallstones as well. It all depends on the result and the design you prefer.

For the cladding of entire walls and buildings, it is advisable to choose stones of a larger size.


неоформен камък

Decorative elements of natural stone – with or polygonal slates

The decorative elements formed of natural stone can be used for various elements in your interior, such as a tabletop, a wall element or as part of your outdoor design. Once again, it is up to you to choose whether to use cut stones or polygonal natural ones. For designs which include squares, rectangles or other specific forms, you should choose cut stones. For a more flexible and original design you may choose polygonal slates, whose form will help you create a more original and natural design. In the latter case, Valmarg Stone recommends that it is combined with the use of glitz wallstones (bones) which are great for completing the smaller details of your design.


облицовка с кокали

The correct forms and the uniqueness of the naturally formed stone slates

Valmarg Stone offers you the charming natural stone in two types of slate form, which will allow for different designs for your cladding, flooring or other decorative elements. Every stone is unique and has its own natural beauty. It is left untouched in the case of the cut as well as in the natural polygonal stones.

For those of you in search of a cheaper solution combined with the unique forms of the natural stone, then the polygonal slates are definitely a better choice.

For those who plan to spend more on their flooring, cladding or ornaments, and prefer an easier fitting and installing of proper shapes, Valmarg Stone recommends the use of cut stone.