What natural stones from gneiss are offered on the market

Gneiss attracts all lovers of the natural claddings, floorings and elements from natural stone. With them the home, the room, the fireplace, the yard will acquire originality and a unique comfort. It is worth to know what types of gneiss stones are offered on the market to include them in your plans when you are modeling your new home or cottage or renovating the old ones.

естествени камъни от гнайс

Gneiss tiles for floorings

This product offered by Valmarg Stone is with a golden-beige or silver-gray color. The two shades easily fit in any type of exterior or interior. This is the right choice for floorings, which will retain their appearance for many years – gneiss tiles are resistant to wear. This way, with gneiss flooring we will provide an attractive appearance of the home which will make us happy for decades and will impress our guests.

The length of the gneiss tiles is 35-40 cm and the thickness is from 3 to 5 cm.

Гнайсовите плочи за настилки

Gneiss cuttings – the low-cost option for claddings with impressive results

Gneiss cuttings are also offered in golden-beige and silver-gray color. This is a cheap product that is inexpensive, but yet will turn the cladding into an eye-catching surface, creating the feeling of a wall built entirely of stone. The wall cladding with gneiss cuttings is achieved easily and quickly. The charm of the “stone” masonry, composed of cuttings with various shapes and sizes, will remind the old-fashioned masonries. The thickness of the cuttings is from 1 to 1.5 cm, which is enough for cladding purposes. It is important to note that Valmarg Stone offers gneiss cuttings on a promotion. Now is the time to buy cuttings for cladding.

Изрезки от гнайс

Want to build glitz masonry cladding? Do it with bones from Valmarg Stone!

Glitz masonry is cladding of walls or individual elements such as columns, chimneys, fireplaces or parts of walls, as ornaments, so as to create the effect of walls built of whole stones or ornaments. For this purpose we can use gneiss cuttings, but now Valmarg Stone offers promotion for gneiss bones too.

Like other gneiss products, bones are available in two shades – golden-beige and silver-gray. Unlike the cuttings, they are of approximately same size. Their length can be up to 40 cm, and the width – between 3 and 5 cm. The bones are up to 4 cm thick.

кокали от Валмарг Стоун

Want solid flooring of paving stones? The solution is paving stones from gneiss

The paving stones from gneiss are available in two universal colors, already mentioned above. Except that with them you will build solid flooring, whether it comes to flooring at home or on the paths in the garden, you can choose between the sizes: Valmarg Stone offers sizes 10×10 cm, 12×12 cm and 15×15 cm. This way you will build gneiss paving flooring in the desired size.

The standard paving stones are well known from the floorings we have seen in different places. But Valmarg Stone offers you another type of paving stones from gneiss, antique type, with rounded edges. This way the antique appearance of the flooring that you will build, will be even more impressive.

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