Natural stone for fences, retaining and decorative walls

The stone walls are solid and impressive. Remains of ancient walls, erected in stone, still stand today as testimony to the power of the stone. Bring this beauty and grandeur to this day with stone walls for fencing and corner splitting, as well as retaining walls.

You can plan a fence of large stones or small stones. They are not necessarily soldered with mortar and are very high. The choice depends on the terrain.

It is very easy to build retaining walls with gabions – metal mesh structures filled with small stones. And another option that gives you the impression of solidity is lined with stones on cement walls. That way the whole project will come out cheaper and the impression will be excellent.

Естествен камък за огради

Solderless stone fences

In the construction of a fence without soldering material with the so-called dry masonry – the arrangement and setting of stones is very important. In doing so, protection of the substrate from wetting in rain and snow must be ensured. If water begins to collect at the base, it will gradually destroy the wall, especially in the event of sudden warming after freezing.

камък за суха зидария

Cement lined fences

Cement wall natural stone cladding ensures dryness of the stone surface on the side of the wall mount. So moisture cannot penetrate this country, and outside the fence it looks like it is built entirely of solid stone.

Циментови огради с облицовка

Garden sector fences located on a hill

For such fences it is important that the fence also allows the drainage of excess water. For this purpose, large stone fences, arranged to delineate the boundaries of the garden sector, are appropriate.

подпорна стена с камък

Such a fence looks very attractive when the gaps between the stones are overgrown with wild flowers to achieve a natural landscape. However, depending on the irregularities of the terrain, we advise you to fix the stones with mortar in places so that they do not succumb to the effects of the natural conditions and to obtain massive runoff in torrential rain or to shift downwards and break the fence contour.

If there are large stones in the area of ​​your home, this is very easy to accomplish. This will save you the expense of buying stones and transporting them to your place.


Gabions for reinforcing walls

Order metal mesh structures for gabions and fill them with stones. If there is an abundance of river stones near your home, this will not be difficult.

подпорна стена с габиони

The gabions can turn into beautiful walls using the attractiveness of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. You can order Valmarg Stone gneiss cuttings, which are cheap, free-size and between 1 and 1.5 cm thick. Another cheaper and more effective way to fill gabions is with gneiss bones. These pieces of gneiss stone are 3 to 5 cm wide and different in length, but no longer than 40 cm.

The gneiss material is beautiful in both colors to choose from: golden-gray and silver-gray .

Gabions are mainly used for retaining walls, but they can also become attractive decorative partition walls and flat terrain elements for barbecue or recreation areas.