A natural stone for fireplace – recommendations for better choices

The fireplace isn’t only a cozy addition to the interior, which makes you happy with warmth during the cold periods. It is also a beautiful element, which can attract the gazes. There are many materials offered for a revetment of a fireplace, but a natural stone will always be the most preferred and affirmative during the centuries material for the predecessors of the nowadays fireplaces – the hearths. We recommend you a revetment with  Ivailovgrad gneiss from Valmarg Stone.

Естествен камък за камина


What stone to choose?  

There a few kinds of stones tempting with beauty and suitable for outside revetment of the fireplaces. But expect the beautiful look; you also have to think about the quality of the stone. Let’s make a short review of the basic kinds revetment stones, which you will find on the market. Separately, we will also talk about gneiss and its qualities.


  • Marble

Marble is not only beautiful, but also weather-proof. But this is a very expensive material, which is often crucial when choosing the material. Another disadvantage is the impossibility to hide the stitches between the separate slabstones. That’s why there are bigger slabstones, and the revetment of the fireplace is accomplished more easily with small slabstones – making the arranging easier.


  • Granite

The granite is distinguished by hardness and is also weather-proof. Harder and resistant to all sorts of impacts is the fine-grain granite. But this material is very expensive too.


  • Gneiss from Valmarg Stone

The gneiss offers beauty, also an opportunity for choice of slabstones or cuttings, for a more economic decision for the revetment of the fireplace. It is hard, weather-proof and with effective surface.


The advantages of the gneiss as materials for revetment of fireplaces


Polygonal slabstones gneiss for revetment are very effective, And as a cheaper variant you can also revet with cuttings from gneiss, with free sizes so you can easily achieve a more old-time effect – in the past slabstones with different sizes have been used.


облицовъчни камъни за камина


The sturdiness of the gneiss makes it preferable for usage in homes, which is a tendency that dates back to the past, when people used to build whole houses from gneiss alone.


The two shades are golden-beige and silver-grey. Those universal shades make the revetment with gneiss suitable for every kind of interior.


And not at last place, the gneiss has one very important quality, especially important for the fireplace – it is fireproof. The gneiss pavement with material from Valmarg Stone will guarantee you thermal stability and incombustibility at an eventual touch with fire. The inside of the fireplace is usually built with fireproof bricks. And the combustible camera itself is built by concrete, When the outside revetment of the fireplace is with gneiss slabstones, cuttings or with bones gneiss, the effect of wholly built from gneiss material construction is achieved.


ивайловградски гнайс за камина


What you need to know when choosing a gneiss stone for revetment and at the revetment itself  

The gneiss with thickness 2-3 centimeters is suitable for revetments.

When facing, it is very important to form and glue well the fugues between them, so that there are no hollows under the slabstones themselves. That way, the revetment will be lasting.


Полигонални плочи гнайс за облицовка


If your fireplace is outside  

If you are planning on building an outside fireplace, for coziness and comfort and in the yard, the gneiss has yet another advantage. This is a material, which is weather-proof and its structure doesn’t change at heavy atmospheric odds. You can relax for the look of the fireplace in the yard, even at continual wintry periods


камък за облицовка