Natural Stone for Interior Solutions

Nowadays, more and more often natural stones are being used in the interiors of homes. They come in various kinds and can have numerous applications – for example, for the creation of floorings, countertops for kitchens or bathrooms, fireplaces, doors, panels and decorative elements, for building columns and for wall claddings.

Natural Stone

The most popular and widely used natural stone is gneiss; gneiss from Ivaylovgrad possesses unique qualities that allow it to be used in external construction and at the same time – for Interior solutions. It is most widely used for floorings.

Usage of Marble in Interior Designs
Marble is a popular natural stone. For many years, it has been used for the creation of sculptures and monuments; in recent times, it is becoming increasingly popular for shaping interiors. It has great qualities and is recommended for stylish interior solutions and for the construction of some parts of the home.

Marble is such a unique material that can be successfully combined with many different decorations. It turns your location into a piece of art!

Application of Gneiss in Interior Designs

Gneiss is a beautiful natural stone, characterized by high density and quite resistant to climatic influences. It is most commonly used for wall claddings, lining columns, fireplaces, etc. This stone is very suitable for constructing steps. It is used quite often in Exterior designs, such as cladding of various buildings or paving of alleys and playgrounds.

As part of the Interior of the home, gneiss brings not only beauty and style, but also provides durability and strength, as it retains its qualities for years.

Application of Natural Stones in Interior Designs

Natural stones can be used in the interiors of different locations:

  • Walls

They can be used for lining or decoration on the walls at home – in hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and pools. An interesting solution would be to outline with stones the contours of the doors, windows or vaults. It can also be used for the creation of a variety of panels, for example.

  • Lining

Natural stones are very suitable for lining. The resulting revetment is durable and beautiful and can be put on countertops, fireplaces, chimneys etc. This is the perfect opportunity for you to unleash your imagination.

  • Floor

The most popular application of the natural stone is for the creation of paves. The floor is not only beautiful, but also very durable.

Advantages of Natural Stone, Used in Interior Designs

  • Strength

Gneiss, as a natural stone, is extremely durable, which accounts for its great advantages over other materials. Everything in the Interior, which you choose to make with such material, will be distinguished by great strength.

  • Beauty and uniqueness;

Interior solutions with natural stones provide beauty and a sense of uniqueness to the place they are installed upon.

  • Heat;

Surfaces built or covered with natural stone successfully retain heat in your home.

  • Comfort;

Comfort in the home is something extremely important and natural stones can easily induce this feeling.

  • Easy maintenance

The stones’ rough surface provides a great advantage – it is not slippery and it can be impregnated, so that it doesn’t hold dirt.

  • Good investment

The investment is definitely worth it and remains safe over time.

Type of Gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, Suitable for Interior Solutions


  • Cut stone

Cut stone is particularly suitable for tiling and flooring. It is available in golden-beige and silver-gray colors.

  • Flagstone

It is available in golden-beige and silver-grey colors and is used for flooring and cladding.

  • Bones and Trimmings

They are used for cladding and are golden-beige and silver-grey in color.

  • Glitz stones

Glitz stones are used for finishes that resemble glitz masonry. They are available in golden-beige and silver-gray color.

Gneiss from Ivaylovgrad accounts for amazing and durable Interior & Exterior designs and has a really good price compared to other facing materia