Your unique kitchen made with gneiss cladding and combined with the different colored furniture

Making a unique kitchen is a very good idea because the kitchen is usually the favorite place for family gatherings, and it needs as mush original comfort as possible. This can easily be achieved with the help of gneiss cladding for the walls with the unique combination of the silver-grey and golden-beige hues of the gneiss material offered by Valmarg Stone. With the different colored kitchen cupboards and furniture. We will give you some good ideas about how to do this.


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The color combinations

By combining the different colors – light and dark, you will achieve utter beauty due to the color of the stone cladding and that of the wood used for the furniture.

Choose which hue – the silver-grey or the golden-beige gneiss stone. If your furniture is from dark wood, the golden-beige hues are more suitable. If you prefer white furniture – choose the silver-grey gneiss instead.

One way to go with your kitchen design is to use light colored furniture which will go along perfectly with the light colored gneiss and will make the kitchen look wider and filled with light.

Another solution is to combine dark furniture with contrasting light gneiss on the walls.

You can choose a more unusual alternative and combine different colored furniture – light or dark or different hues of the same color as well. You should include the door into the entire interior design. It can be in the same color as the furniture or in contrasting one for an even more interesting effect.


If you have a kitchen island

This modern kitchen component can be included in the overall design in the kitchen and can be combined with the gneiss walls as well as with the other furniture.  The kitchen island top can be in the same color or in a contrasting color from that of all other kitchen furniture. You can clad the bottom part with gneiss bones for a superb effect.

The gneiss slate forms for cladding

The kitchen design can be complemented with the help of gneiss slates. You can choose from different slates and cuttings. The stone cuttings cost less but yet it can be used to leave an impression of having a wall made entirely of stone you can add gneiss pavers as accents and create different figures. The pavers which are usually used for paving will look impressive as part of your wall decoration.

Cover all of the walls, two opposite ones or only one and a corner with stone

Another idea for a non-standard kitchen design is to cover all, several or only one of the walls with stones. If you have a smaller budget for the design you can cover just one single wall or a kitchen corner with stones.  You can create small niches in them if there is room. You can play around with the design of the walls in order to create a unique and original look with full or partial wall cladding.



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The lighting is essential for the complete kitchen design

You will help highlight the colorful layout of your kitchen by positioning suitable lighting fixtures at the right spots. You can install chandeliers, ceiling panels or appliques at the right places in order to put an accent on the different part of your kitchen, such as the cladded walls which you want to stand out.