Arbor with barbecue made of wood and natural stone

The gazebo is very comfortable in the summer for shelter in the shade, and also when the barbecue smokes delicious food and rains outside. Natural materials are preferred. We recommend wood and natural stone. Built in the old style, the gazebo will also enjoy its appearance.

беседка с дърво и естествен камък


Arbor construction

You can use wooden columns to support the roof. You can leave them unlined or gneiss them. Use this beautiful Ivaylovgrad stone also for the barbecue lining and you’ll have an original and beautiful corner for pleasant lunches and dinners with your family and friends.

A wooden roof will complement the structure. Ask specialists how to handle it to withstand weather conditions.

And in the arbor itself will fit wooden benches and table very well. If you have a large area, you can also form two separate corners, with tables and benches, to be divided by a decorative wall adorned with gneiss from Ivaylovgrad.


камък за беседка


Barbecue location

Choosing the venue for the BBQ depends on your preference. It is practical to place it sideways – in the corner of the arbor or as a side structure along its width. And for a spectacular and appetite-inspiring view of printable meat and vegetables, you can also envision a central location.

Provide enough space for the barbecue itself and the counter next to it. This makes it convenient to make the latest baking products and leave them baked until they are cool enough to serve.

It’s also important to build a niche under the barbecue to store firewood or charcoal, to have them avaiable when you start preparing the barbecue for baking. If the barbecue is gas, there will be a place for the bottle.

Another smaller niche – on the side of the fuel niche, will be very convenient to store essential spices – salt, pepper, oil. If you prefer, you can order a wooden cabinet for this purpose to place near the barbecue.


гнайс за беседка


The gazebo floor

The most practical and the most beautiful is the stone-covered floor. Arrange polygonal gneiss plates by Valmarg Stone.  The effect of their irregular shape will be in the style of the ancient yards of the Bulgarian houses and will fit perfectly into the combination of stone and wood for the gazebo elements.


гнайс за под


Decorative curb around the gazebo

To add beauty with natural materials, you can build a decorative curb on the sides of the gazebo. It may be lower or slightly higher, with Ivaylovgrad stone gneisslining. You can also arrange chests or flower pots along the curb.

The curb does not have to be continuous. It is more effective to form angular structures in the four corners. This will allow you to move freely between the yard and the gazebo.


ивайловградски гнайс за бордюр


Chests or boxes with flowers around the gazebo

Another way of decorating the sides of the gazebo is with flower pots. They will give a lot of freshness and beauty. Arrange crates or tubs of flowers equally or side by side. You can also attach solar lamps in the flower pots for a cozy evening light.


ивайловградски камък за беседка