Create Yourself a Garden Stream

There is something magnificent about the irregular flow curves and the reflection of the light in the water. It is no wonder that those who have gardens, attempt to recreate there this small miracle of nature. As with the construction of a lake in the garden, a stream can be created with the usage of PVC film.

Направи си сам градинско поточе

Here are the steps you need to follow for its construction:

I step – Please, begin by shaping the mainstream of the flow. If the slope is large, you have to create few cascades. The stream dips should be secured with rocks or bricks. Then, please, clean the whole area, where the stream will be situated at, from rocks and roots and pour sand upon it. After that, please, create a trench and place a metal plastic pipe in it. It is essential that you have a free access to the pipe at any time. The water will circulate through it, in closed cycle, pushed with the help of a pump.

II step – The mainstream of the flow should be then covered with geotextile. Depending on the brand and its size, the price varies between one and two euro per sq.m. Then, please, place foil upon the geotextile and pour water on top. If the foil is of several parts, their junction happens at the dips; the lower part of the every foil piece is always tucked under the one that comes from above, until all get sealed. If necessary, the slope of the stream should be adjusted with the right amount of soil.

III step – Please, distribute gravel on the bottom of the stream. You can use large stones to hide the edges of the foil; then, arrange the stones, according to your aesthetic visions, but in a way that the foil is completely hidden. It is recommended that the stones you use are of different size. That way, the flow does not look artificial but rather, natural.

For creating whirlpools, please, place large stones in the stream itself; this also creates its characteristic sound. If there is a river nearby, you can always take boulders from there; if there isn’t, however, you can always use Ivaylovgrad’s stones from Valmarg Stone which have good water endurance. The flow should always be covered with water. In steep areas, this is done with the help of a powerful pump. In flat areas, a spirit level is used. The top part of the dips must always be higher than the lowest part of the given segment of the stream.

IV step – planting of vegetation along the stream. The coast can be formed in the following way: at the point the PVC film ends, a curb is built from galvanized steel. The very end of the film then should be covered with gravel. After that, please, align the soil on the other side of the curb. In this part of the coast, you can plan the vegetation. Over time, the plants grow and the flow passes between magnetizing beauty.

The main condition for the creation of a stream is the presence of a slope. If the area is flat, an inclination is created with the usage of soil.

Artificial streams are beautiful additions to every garden and very easy to create – just by relying on yourself and your efforts, you can create such a little miracle of Nature.