Landscape Solutions with the Usage of Stones

You bought a house with a yard and you are wondering  what to  deploy there. Here are a few ideas for objects, you can place there, constructed from stones. Some things you can do yourself; others, however, require the intervention of a landscape professional.
Please, note that the stone is a durable material and the investment you make, to embellish your garden, will be completely justified. The variations, that can be achieved with the help of stones, will help you unleash your imagination and your flair for the aesthetics.

• Retaining walls of stone – the stone is a material that gives objects an aesthetic appearance, and the feeling of durability, no matter where it is used. You need to take into an account  how high the wall would be and where it would be placed. This is important because the stone is a heavy material and the foundation may need further strengthening.  However, the overall result will be very good.
подпорна стена от камък
• A pond, surrounded by a stone walla small lake in the garden, surrounded by a stone wall, is a place, where you can always recharge your energy. This is thanks to the water and the stone, whose combination is very successful. In the lake, there could be plants or fish – the choice is yours.

езеро от камък

• Waterfall from stones – whether in combination with a pond or just by itself, one small waterfall from stones would be the “jewel in the Crown” of your garden. The sound of falling water is a great remedy against the stress and tension of everyday life. The location and size of the waterfall depend on your imagination and the opportunities that your place provides.

водопад от камъни

• Garden, enclosed by rocks – what can be better than having a small garden, where you can plant flowers, based on your choice and taste? An almost perfect addition to it would be an enclosure, composed from  either a stone wall or from just stones; it will definitely make the garden stand out. You can also place stones, in a creative composition.

бордюр от камък

Rockery with stones – they are becoming  increasingly modern. Their creation does not require much effort and funds. Their look, depending upon the willingness of the owner, can be like a small mountain retreat in the garden. The rockery can be set up with the  usage of small, medium or large rocks.

алпинеум с камъни

• Stone path – if you have already decided to arrange your garden with various types of stones, you can always create a path of stones. This is something that lasts forever. The roads built by the Romans are still preserved today. Depending on its appearance, the trail can be made from plates, average sized round stones or something that resembles cobblestones. The path can connect, for example, the pond, the garden and the  rockery. However, it all depends on your  decision. On the sides, you can realign stones or to build a small stone wall.

пътека от камъни

• Decorative house for animals, made of stone – this is something rarely seen, but it is very effective. If you have birds in the garden, you can do something similar to a shelter, where they can take refuge from the heat in the summer or cold in the winter.

•  Fountain of stones – a little jewel in your garden, erected from stones. It is not difficult to be created, and the result is definitely worth the effort. A fountain is always the center of attention and is something that fills you with great mood and energy. The fountain can be  either small or larger – something that can be determined, according to taste and desire.

фонтан от камък

The gneiss from Ivaylovgrad is one of the best construction finishing materials in Bulgaria; it is famous for its strength and durability. It also has a high moisture resistance and moisture impermeability. In our section for gneiss, you may get an even more complete picture of this precious natural stone, used so often for a variety of landscape solutions