How to build a stepped path

The path in the yard or garden is not only a convenience, but also an opportunity to diversify the exterior in an original way. It is easy to make a trail from gneiss for flooring, which is also a decorative part in your yard and garden. You just need to get enough tiles with a polygonal shape to make your path look closer to the old-world.

стъпки от камъни


Necessary materials

In addition to the gneiss for the pavement, which should be enough to place the required number of steps on the path, you must have prepared enough gravel, which will serve as the basis of the path.

To determine the boundaries of the gravel area that will be the path, you need to have materials on hand to delineate the boundaries. You can mark these borders with boards or with a string stretched on wedges.

To fix the slabs on the gravel base, you must have prepared materials for the solder mixture. Cement and sand in a ratio of 1:5 is usually used.

To pave the gravel pavement, you need to have a special machine or rent one. After compaction, the layer will be even and laying the tiles on it will be easy.


Gneiss for flooring

Order enough gneiss for flooring. The size is 35 or 40 cm – free length – between 3 and 5 cm thick. Choose the preferred color of gneiss slabs from Valmarg Stone. You can lay tiles on your path in golden beige or silver gray.


гнайс за настилка


Determine the boundaries of the gravel pavement

The boundaries of the pavement must be marked. Use boards, stretched twine, or you can mark with spray, which will be the fastest.


как се прави пътека с камъни


Applying the gravel layer and treading it

Apply a thick enough layer of gravel, which must then be compacted. You need to provide a machine so that you can achieve fast and even compaction.

Arrange in advance with a company to rent such a machine. This way you won’t have to wait after applying the gravel.


изграждане на пътека с гнайс


Marking the places of gneiss slabs

Despite the irregular shape, you need to find a suitable place for each plate. Make sure the end result is like the paths of natural stone slabs in the old-world. Mark the base or corners as convenient for each tile. Thus, after applying the solution that will fix the plate, you will be able to quickly place it in the right place. Make sure there is an even distance between the individual plates.


пътека от гнайс


Preparation of the solder layer

To make it convenient for you to move the container with the mixed cement and sand soldering material, you need to prepare it in a bucket, and even better in a trolley. This will allow you to move it easily along the path to get enough as a basis for each polygonal slab.


пътека с плочи гнайс


Applying gneiss for flooring

After applying the solder mixture, place the gneiss slab on it, following the markings. To position the plate well, tap it with a wooden mallet.


камък за настилка


лепене на камък за пътека


Wait at least 24 hours before using the trail

Once you have laid all the tiles, it should take some time for the mixture to attach to the gravel base to dry. Wait at least 24 hours before using the trail.

The path with gneiss slabs for paving is easy to maintain and durable over time. This is an original solution for your yard and garden.