Construction of stone curbs and gneiss pots

Every family that has a house with a yard puts a lot of effort and flair in shaping not only the home but also the yard. Planning and zoning are very important. According to preferences, there is space for flowers, a pool, a dining area and other important places for the family. You can mark with curbs and pots of natural stones and the parking space of the car, as well as the playground.

You can place original stone pots in the home – in the living room, in the hallway, on the porch. And with a stone border with your preferred height you can form a dividing line between two areas, for example in a large room that combines living room and dining room or living room and kitchen.


каменни бордюри


 It is important to separate these corners in an appropriate way in order to differentiate. You can achieve this with the beauty of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad – by building curbs and pots from this beautiful natural stone.


The advantages of gneiss curbs and pots

  • Both curbs and pots can be of height and width of your choice. Not much material is needed for building walls also. It is enough to mark the dividing lines. You will achieve this faster with curbs, and if you want to add the beauty of flowers, build pots.
  • The natural beauty of Ivaylovgrad gneiss is a stylish addition to the entire exterior.
  • Gneiss from Valmarg Stone for masonry is available in a beautiful color – golden beige.
  • You can combine curbs and pots with flooring on the paths of gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad.


кашпи от гнайс


What gneiss stones are suitable for curbs and pots

The stones must be wider than the cladding slabs. They must have a flat surface and be cut to a depth of between 6 and 8 centimeters to get a stable arrangement. As this is a natural material created by nature, the masonry stones are not the same size. It is this small difference in size that creates the appearance of curbs and walls as from ancient times. This gives extra charm to the walls and pots.

The width of the masonry stone is about 20 cm. The length is the same. The thickness of the stones is between 18 and 20 cm.

You can use gneiss cuttings or so-called bones to level by filling in small spaces. The cuttings are between 1 and 1.5 cm thick and are of different lengths and widths of these small pieces. The bones are up to 40 cm long, between 3 and 5 cm wide and about 4 cm thick. As these suitable filling materials are of different sizes, they will further contribute to the design of curbs and pots in the style of traditional walls. 


гнайсови камъни за кашпи


Combine beauty with usefulness

Gneiss pots can be used not only for flowers. If your yard is small or if you have a lot of flowers, plant herbs and spices in the pots. This way you will always have fresh spices near at hand and your yard will smell of herbs. 


декоративни камъни за бордюр


Avoid concrete curbs and pots with attractive gneiss creations

Concrete curbs and pots are built quickly, but they stiffen with their grayness and artificiality. Bet on the natural material and the beauty of the Ivaylovgrad gneiss material by shaping your curbs and pots from these decorative stones.