Lake cascade in the garden

We offer you an interesting idea how to make a lake cascade in your yard. We at Valmarg Stone offer everything you need for your attractive project. A little effort in combination with quality gneiss from Ivaylovgrad and you will achieve the natural appearance that you are looking for. You will get a beautiful lake cascade that will bring the freshness which you need and will amuse you and your family whenever you pass by it.

In this article we will teach you how to make yourself a lake, which skill to apply in making a lake cascade in the garden. Choose yourself how many lakes there will be and at what height they will be. We recommend that you plan a few number of lakes, but with a different diameter, in order to look more interesting. As for the height, that depends on the place you have planned. If there is a natural height, use it in the design; if not, nothing prevents that all the lakes are on the same level.

What you need to make a lake

You need some kind of background that would determine the size of the lake, for example a big tire from a tractor or a truck, or another framework, such as an old cupboard. You also need polyethylene and something to serve as a beautiful ending, for example tiles from Ivaylovgrad (TN: a stone or earthen tile is known as “tikla”) or other decorative stones.

Implementation of a lake cascade in the garden

  1. Digging a hole about the size of the tire or other form which you will use. Its height should be about 10 cm lower than the height of the tire. The idea is that the tire is one level higher than the hole.
  2. The bottom is sanded and beated well and the form is placed, as its upper edge must stay above the ground. If possible we can recommend you to cut the tire, so as only the sides remain, so that the lake will be with a greater surface.
  3. The space that will be your future lake and a part of the lake cascade in the garden is already differentiated. Next is covering it with polyethylene, thick and strong enough, which fits well on the bottom. Its outer part is dug into the ground for more strength.
как да направим езеро


  1. The bottom of the lake is covered with attractive stones such as those offered by Valmarg stone. You can also use sand. Whatever you choose before placing wash it with water.
езеро от камъни


  1. The lake is ready for filling with water. Fill it out and leave it overnight to see if there are no leaks somewhere.
  2. When everything is fine you can take care of its vision. Decorate it alongside with beautiful stones of different sizes. You can choose any of Valmarg Stone products to combine the beautiful design with the strength and durability of the time.
езерна каскада


The first lake from the lake cascade in your garden is ready. From now on continue with the other sizes. We recommend that the ponds are at least three to get a spectacular cascade. Once they are ready use all your imagination in the way they will look. Decorate them with such materials which will complement the feeling of freshness and naturalness. Use a variety of rocks and plants of various heights. The final result will be great.

езерна каскада