Barbecue from Stones in the Garden

It is great to think in a way to improve the comfort in your garden. Why not build a fireplace of stones? It will, undoubtedly,  transform the weekend into a romantic experience! You could enjoy  relaxing  with friends in this peaceful scenery. Furthermore, is there anyone who will remain indifferent to the sound of the roasting meat on the grill or even the vegetables?  Make this experience possible by building a  barbecue from stones  in your  garden.

Гнайс за барбекю

It is a well – known fact that stores offer nowadays various  already – made  barbecues – such as those working with gas, constructed from sheet metal, bricks, etc. And the only thing you need to do is to remove the coal from the bag and once inflamed, you can begin preparing a delicious meal.

However, what will really immerse you in the romance of the experience is the Classics – a massive masonry construction, built in the garden and lined with gneiss from Ivaylovgrad; this would be the perfect addition to a rockery, with tables and benches for welcoming guests.


Here are some tips if you decide to build a barbecue:

1 Select the correct location and determine the precise direction of the wind. It is very important to prevent the return of the smoke towards the cook. Place the barbecue on a flat surface but NOT near trees and/or wooden buildings.

2  For the barbecue to remain a stable construction, you need a strong monolithic foundation to withstand its considerable weight. You can create this foundation by digging a wide trench of about 1-1.5 m with a depth of 10 cm. Once finished, please, place some wooden boards above with about 15 cm thickness. Then, please, pour a concrete mix with a thickness of about 8 cm; afterwards, put above 3 rows of steel bars, 15 cm apart from each other. On the concrete, please, arrange two rows of bricks.

3. Please, mix the mortar well until a mixture similar to mud is formed. Then, please, arrange the bricks in a way that they do not come out of the outlined areas. It is necessary to fill all the gaps with mortar. Please, proceed in the same way while removing what is not needed from the mixture.

4. Please, position the grill at a height convenient for the cook – about 85 cm from the ground, and the fireplace – around 10-12 cm below it. It is good to leave a place for storage of wood under the fireplace.

5 When building the combustion chamber, please, start from the side walls and then build a vault above using a prepared beforehand template from wooden boards.

6 At the rear of the combustion chamber you need to leave a hole for the chimney. It is very important to cut the bricks upon which the chimney will lay so that its base remains horizontal.

7. To create the barbecue, you have to use refractory bricks and a special refractory adhesive, which withstands high temperatures.

8. Finally, you could cover the chimney with spray – applied plaster and glue natural stones to the walls and the base of the barbecue. For the plaster, you could buy ready dry mixes that are offered by Terazid; for the stone lining, we recommend gneiss  from Ivailovgrad due to its durability, strength and resistance to a variety of temperature changes. You  could use cut stones, polygonal plates, bones or stones for masonry; to view all we offer, please visit our Products page.

During the gluing process, if necessary, the stones could be cut with a diamond disk, so that no empty space is left.

9. If during the ignition of barbecue, it starts to smoke more than necessary, you need to close the vaulted part with a tin sheet; to do so, please, place a steel frame inside it and weld it. If you choose, you can easily turn the ready-made barbecue into an oven by placing a metal aperture.

10. You could prepare the grill yourself from reinforcement rods, but this option is less convenient for maintenance and cleaning. The finished grills, made of stainless steel, are more comfortable as the steel protects them from the charcoals and the grease.


барбекю с Ивайловградски гнайс

When everything is ready, you could relax and enjoy your time with pleasant company in the comfort of your home and amongst the beauty of the rockery you have just created.