A gneiss stone cladded pool is very easy to maintain

A swimming pool is a perfect accessory for any outdoor space, but it requires regular maintenance. This sounds like a serious task which is why many people turn to professionals to perform the maintenance and cleaning of their pool.

The fact is though that the regular and proper maintenance of a swimming pool is not such a complicated task. If you choose to clad your swimming pool with gneiss slate cladding offered by Valmarg Stone, your pool will maintain its attractive vision for decades. Here are some simple rules and tips for the proper and regular maintenance of your swimming pool


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Not only the water needs to be cleaned and treated, but so do the filters and the cladding

You should take care of the water in your swimming pool on a regular basis. There are special solutions which you need to use in accordance to the instructions of the manufacturer and the experts.

The filters are also essential elements of your swimming pool. If you have filters in your pool, you need to take the time to clean them properly on a regular basis, so that you can ensure that the cleanliness and safety of the water in your pool is guaranteed at all times.

The care for the cladding and lining of the pool depends on the material used. In modern times, there are various types of linings based on layered PVC foil and paint which is the cheapest alternative, but which is completely water resistant but is prone to mechanical damage such as scratching with sharp objects.

If you want your pool to have a durable, beautiful and easy to maintain cladding, you should plan to install cladding made of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. The natural stones offered come in two different color variations: golden-beige and silver-grey.  The gneiss stone cladding will help you save time and money for its maintenance, since gneiss stones can easily and successfully be impregnated with special solutions which will protect them from accumulating dirt as well as from damage due to the water and the humidity.


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The renovation and repair of your swimming pool

Apart from the renovation of the cladding, you may need to perform repairs on the filter system of your swimming pool.  You may need to plan a serious sum of money, especially if you want to replace the cladding and lining of your swimming pool.

The concrete walls of your swimming pool can become damaged and cracked. If you find that such is the case with the walls of your pool – it is time for repair work.

If you find that your water bills have been growing this may be due to damage of your concrete pool walls. This is a porous lining which even when treated with an impregnator can cause the absorption and loss of water. This is why it is recommended that you plan to use materials and products which are of high quality and are completely water resistant. Certain natural materials, such as natural gneiss stones are the perfect solution for your swimming pool cladding.

Why it is worth adding more material around the swimming pool

Adding stone cladding around your swimming pool will not only make your outdoor space look better, but will also allow you to cool down the temperature around the pool in the scorching hot summer days. An old method for helping cool down the temperature is to hang wet or damp bed sheets around the pool. They will help cool the air and add to the humidity when the temperatures are high. By using durable gneiss cladding or cut stones, you can ensure that the area around the swimming pool remains undamaged and looking beautiful without fear of damage being caused by the extensive dampness and wetting. The wet sheets will also help protect you from the annoying mosquitos as well.

If you want to spend some leisure time around the swimming pool in the hot summer, you can also help cool the temperature down and increase the humidity in the air by pouring a bucket of water on the hot cladding, which will help reduce its temperature and make your time spend around the pool much more enjoyable.

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