Metal gabions with gneiss from Valmarg Stone

Gabions are constructions which are commonly used for fast wall building and especially for strengthening slopes as well as for even terrains.

What are gabions?

A gabion is a metal mesh construction. It can be square, rectangular or sphere shaped, as well as in the shape of an animal or another decorative form. The construction is filled with stones.


Метални габиони с гнайс


Advantages of using gabions

Gabions are especially useful when it is necessary to build a wall without the need for waiting for a permit to build it or to use concrete. These clever constructions can be used separately and then interconnected together for durability and stability.

Gabions are better for terraced terrains than normal walls because they allow for the safe flow of water and groundwater.


камък за габиони


Filling the gabions with gneiss form Ivaylovgrad

By filling the gabions with gneiss from Valmarg Stone you can easily build walls or other decorative structures and combine it with the natural beauty of the gneiss stones we offer. We can provide you with gneiss in two nuances: silver-grey and golden-beige.

One of the options for filling gabions is with the paving slabs available at 35-340 cm and a free length and a thickness of 3-5 cm. The other and less expensive option is to use the bones and gneiss cuttings which have a thickness of 1-1.5cm.

Gabions are perfect solutions for walls – both decorative and for fencing

Choose rectangular gabions if you want to build a fence or a decorative wall in your backyard. They should be interconnected for added stability after they are filled with the stones of your choice.  You can use non-standard forms for making a decorative wall, with differently sized gabions or other variations, depending on your taste and preferences.


гнайс от Валмарг Стоун за габиони


Multifunctional gabions in your garden

Apart from using them as decorative walls or for added privacy against onlookers, the gabions can be used as bases for placing flower pots, for installing solar lamps, tents and for other purposes depending on your needs and preferences.


поставяне ан габиони с камъни


Using gabions for forming the sides of a stairway

Gabions are very suitable for building walls on both sides of your outdoor stairs. They can be thinner or thicker. You can use them for seating if you choose the wider versions.


габиони с ивайловградски гнайс за стени


Creating a seating area from gabions in your backyard

You can easily create a comfortable seating area for your outdoors with the use of gabions filled with gneiss stone from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone. Your family members and your guests will be impressed by the original design.

You can use lower gabions as benches or seats. They can be covered with wood boards and with pillows for added comfort and beauty.


изтраждане на стени от габиони


Decorative gabions with different shapes

You can create walls for your stairs or your outdoor seating area with gabions which are inclined to one side.

Also, gabions shaped like fruits, animals, and plants are very attractive and will complement any outdoor space. If you have small children they can help you with ideas for the design of these figures, and can even take part in filling them with the stones.

Gabions are superb for creating decorative elements, benches, tables, low walls and for other purposes alongside your swimming pool or your decorative pond. They can be used for all kinds of landscaping solutions made of stone.


подпорна стена от габиони