How to clean the pavement of natural gneiss stone

почистване на настилката от естествен камък гнайс

The easy cleaning of gneiss flooring is one of the advantages of this type of material, chosen for its durability and beauty, especially in the two colors of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. This is a material that is resistant to low temperatures and is therefore very suitable for outdoor flooring.

But in order to be able to easily clean gneiss flooring, it is important that the laying itself was done correctly. Proper and careful installation avoids the risk of slipping or unevenness. In addition, the impregnation of flooring from this so sought after Ivaylovgrad stone protects the surface from dirt. However, if you spill something on a gneiss floor, it is preferable to absorb it immediately.

In addition to impregnation, with regular cleaning of the pavement, light dirt is removed mainly from dust, but also from tiny particles of household waste from the environment. And exterior gneiss flooring can be easily kept clean by regular washing with water.


Impregnation of gneiss flooring

For impregnation it is good to trust specialists. They will offer you a preparation for impregnating the flooring and will apply it with quality. If the impregnation is not for the first time, it is important to wash the flooring well beforehand.

The impregnation protects the surface of the gneiss floor from stains and from the appearance of mold and mildew.

To ensure continuous protection, consult with specialists on what periods you should perform new impregnation.


Импрегниране на гнайсова настилка


You must impregnate the flooring no earlier than four weeks after laying it!

The specialists from Valmarg Stone will warn you that you have to wait four weeks before ordering impregnation of the gneiss stone pavement in Ivaylovgrad. This period is necessary to be able to remove moisture. If you impregnate earlier, the un Evaporated moisture will be retained and will negatively affect the strength of the pavement.


Dry cleaning

For dry cleaning, use a soft cloth or mop. This will avoid the risk of being scratched by larger grains of sand and other particles.


Washing of gneiss flooring

One of the qualities of Ivaylovgrad gneiss is its low porosity. This means that it does not leak water. You can wash the floor with a hose or water jet or clean it with a damp cloth without worrying that the water will penetrate deeply.


миене на естествен камък


Use suitable detergents for dirty flooring

If the gneiss floor is heavily soiled, you will find special gneiss cleaners in stores. To achieve a good result, first read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.
The preparation is usually applied in the required amount and if the instructions indicate to rub, the applied amount should be rubbed well, with a towel or brush. It is then left to act for the period specified in the instructions, after which the surface must be dried or washed thoroughly, also according to the instructions.


почистване ан естествен камък


Household cleaning – baking soda

If you want to remove a grease stain, use baking soda dissolved in water. You can also use this solution for other stains. Leave on for a while, about 15 minutes, and then wipe.


Take care of the pavement without exposing it to unnecessary risks

Gneiss from Valmarg Stone is an extremely strong material. But it is better not to put it at risk, so beware of spilling citrus juices and other beverages that contain acids. If you spill such a drink, clean it immediately.

If you need to place a hot container, such as a saucepan, somewhere outside, avoid placing it directly on the gneiss floor. Use a pad under the hot pan.

Regular cleaning of the gneiss flooring and avoiding the risks of scratching or corrosion of the impregnating layer will provide it with a long-lasting attractive appearance.