Gneiss on pallets shipped all over the country

Gneiss is a universal and beautiful material for tiling and flooring. More and more people choose gneiss from Ivailovgrad for their interior, for exterior tiling and flooring, for decorative corners in yards and gardens. The two shades of this type of decorative stone – golden beige and silver grey are a good match for any interior or exterior and can fit a country style design, vintage style or modern style with clear lines, relying on the beauty of natural stone to add a stylish touch.


Гнайс на палети с транспорт


Shipments across the country

Regardless of where you live, deliveries are arranged quickly, as slabs are placed on pallets. Then the pallets are transported by Speedy courier services or other partner forwarders to all destinations across the country.

The slabs are carefully arranged on the pallets during loading so that there is no risk of slabs falling or getting damaged during transit.

If you make an order and request delivery, you can track its status by using its tracking number.


Benefits of delivering to your location

In the first place, regardless of where you are, shipments by a logistics services provider are organized quickly, and you will receive the ordered quantities of gneiss within three business days.

All arrangements are made by ValMarg Stone and partner companies in the transport sector in a timely, quick, and reliable manner.

The prices for this beautiful stone from Ivailovgrad are competitive.

We ship quantities exactly as ordered and ensure that they will cover the surface area on which tiling or flooring will be installed.

For recurring and frequent orders, shipment and delivery times are even shorter, and ValMarg Stone is a trusted partner for deliveries of gneiss material.

We are confident that you have wonderful ideas for your home or cottage design and for other places for which you order Ivailovgrad stone. For our customers and for everyone interested, we have published many materials on our website that you may find useful. They offer information about the qualities and specifications of gneiss which is very useful when working with gneiss.


гнайс от Ивайловград изгодно


Delivery terms

  • The price of gneiss with delivery included is very competitive. When ordering smaller quantities, Speedy ships quickly.
  • For shipments of large quantities, we partner with other forwarders. Make an order, and it will be shipped in a quick and reliable manner.

If pallets are up to 10 – 12 in number, we ship by truck without a trailer.

For pallets over 12 and up to 22, trucks with trailers are used for shipping.

The rate per km for shipments by truck without a trailer is 1.50 BGN and by truck with a trailer – 2 BGN.

You will also get a discount if delivery requires more than one run and for longer distances.

Call us and request delivery for the required quantity of gneiss material!



ивайловградски камък на палети транспорт


What we are proud of – information about realized projects

Many are the projects that have been realized and are brightened by the beauty of our gneiss material, shipped for tiling and flooring. You will find a Projects section on our website, dedicated to already completed projects that will make you realize your home or corner design projects or other projects faster. Completed projects, complemented by the charm of polygonal gneiss slabs, are especially trendy. Such slabs with an irregular shape were traditionally used in the old Bulgarian houses. Such a design with natural stone is very popular. Learning more about completed projects is worth the effort.