Gneiss stone for revetment of yard fountains

The fountain in the yard gives off liveliness calms down with the murmuring of the clear stream, if it is connected to a spring, a guarantees cooling off during the summer heats. But both the entire yard and the fountain must be a true piece of jewelry, to please our eyes too.

Achieve a unique design of your yard fountain with Gneiss from Valmarg Stone. The lining gneiss, with clippings in unrestricted sizes, with thickness between 1 and 1.5 cm, shines is golden-beige or in silver-grey.


камък за облицоване на дворни чешми

The gneiss lining guarantees durability and attraction

Use the practical benefits of this material, which is with skid-proof surface, and it has another valuable advantage – it’s hardy to wearing out.

The attractiveness of the Ivailovgrad gneiss hides in his structure – coarse-grained and stripped.



на ивайловградски гнайс


How to achieve an interesting design

For original design, which will turn your yard fountain in a unique decorative piece of art, you can form the spout in different ways, the vertical part and the trough



гнайс за чешма

Spout or Spouts


If you have the luck to be able to connect to a stream with spring water, so the fountain in the yard can murmur day and night, why only one but not a two or three spouts? That way the fountain will be used more practically, and will look more interesting too.



камък за чешма


The Vertical part

The vertical part, which lines the pipe, protects her from damages. It can also be the most attractive element of your fountain. With a suitable revetment from gneiss slabstones, with a rim of gneiss bones, or fully lined with gneiss bones, the vertical body can be diversified with mural from bones, if you have the opportunity to make it wider. Another original decision is step-shaped upper part – that way you can assemble a new trough at every step, and the water can flow from one trough to another and from the lowest to the drain.



The trough and the troughs


The trough itself can too be with gneiss revetment, in unison with the revetment of the vertical body. The rim of the trough puts a beautiful accent, and if you combine it with a rim to the vertical body, it will make an even more attractive decision.

Another variant, which is very original, is assembling of a small trough under the spout, which may be without an opening for flowing and the water to overflow. Under the small one, you can form a wide trough. It’s enough to line the wide trough and to make a rim.

You can use the ready formed from carved stone troughs for fountains. Valmarg Stone offers such troughs with different size and forms, according to your requirements.



каменно корито

The nook around the fountain

The yard fountain will be more interesting and attractive during all seasons, if you form a nook around it. You must plant bushes at both sides; it’s preferable to be evergreen. You can form a path from the house to the fountain. Here, the gneiss material for pavement of Valmarg Stone.

For adding to the exterior around the fountain in a style of life are very suitable – coppers, casks, kegs – you can plant flowers in them or to arrange them in accordance with your preferences. Remember how the fountain from the past has had mugs for comfort for drinking water – why don’t borrow this element?

For a bigger practicality and usability, in dependence of the area, which you can separate, you can form a nook for rest, with a bench and table. You can stake on pavement of Ivailovgrad gneiss for them too.