Arrangement of Gneiss in Pallets

When the chopped  and already prepared for sale gneiss needs to be loaded on ships for sea transport – the cheapest mode of transport of bulky loads for larger distances, it is placed in special box pallets.

This type of pallets are better suited for transportation, since they allow loading and unloading to become mechanized.

Arranged in such boxes, the stones can be reliably stored and transported without the customers having to suffer loss or damage of purchased goods. The used pallets are standard- sized, which guarantees the volume of the cargo they carry.

The video shows how employees of Valmrag Stone thoroughly arrange cladding stones, so that there are no cavities and the quadrature corresponds to the stated one.

Our ultimate goal has always been to make our customers happy, so we are following a high standard in our services and work.

The processing of gneiss

After the stone is dug out of the quarry, it is additionally shaped either mechanically or manually. The workers in the Valmarg Stone workshop process cladding stones of different thickness and dimensions and then the pieces of stone are sorted and arranged in pallets to be sold.

We handle each and every piece of stone and we put all our skills and diligence in the process, so that we can offer high quality gneiss from Ivaylovgrad.

How to build a fireplace on our own

The different stages of the fireplace building process are shown in a series of images.

The first stage is the building of the foundation; the building itself is demonstrated as well as the final cladding. A ready-made metal body is used for the combustion chamber which is enclosed by an outer construction and is additionally cladded. The final result is exceptionally impressive.

How to build a barbeque

A series of images show the stages of the building process of a barbeque in the garden.

A quick flash shows the whole process, from the building of the foundations to the shaping of the completed construction that features built-in niches and shelves. It is beneficial to consider the feature of such additions because they are quite convenient for storage of wood and other items. The inclusion of an extra top surface is another advantage that makes the usage of the barbeque even more convenient.

In the end, the completed garden structure is cladded with appropriate material, such as stone from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone which is a quite suitable choice. The cladding creates a finished look of the structure.