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Mosaic of stones for the path in the garden

When you shape your path in the garden, the separate sections, in which you make mosaics, will give it an original look.

настилка за пътека


Use residues from materials from repairing works

Mosaic is a great way to use residues from materials, tiles, ceramic and terracotta tiles. There is no matter what shape have the pieces of the materials. Pebbles from the beach can also be used a mosaic design to be made.

настилка от камък


Valmarg Stone offers clippings and stone tiles – take advantage

Trimmings of gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone are also suitable material for mosaics. They come in two colors – golden beige and silver gray, so you should think about combining clippings of the two colors.

естествен камък за пътека


For more beautiful path you can buy polygonal slabs having natural form offered by Valmarg Stone. They, like clippings are in two colors: golden-beige and silver-gray. Their thickness is 1.5 to 4.5 cm, so they are a great solution for covering the path.

мозайка от камъни


How pieces of slabs and tiles to be cut

Valmarg stone offers the service of cutting slabs to predefined parameters. Moreover, the construction hypermarkets sell cutting machines, so If except for the mosaic you will use them for further cutting for subsequent repairs, it is a justifiable expense.

алея от камъни


If your gneiss is cut into narrow strips, then you can carefully flip off boxes one after another, using pliers. Thus, even you have not many small pieces of tile left from the repairing works, you will get enough squares for mosaic. If you buy a few tiles of various colors, you’ll have material for colorful mosaic.

настилка от камък


The design of the mosaic

You can make your own design or perform the mosaic into figures of a model that you liked. You can combine large stone slabs with areas with a mosaic of pebbles, pieces of tiles, granite or marble, etc. It is easiest to achieve geometric elements, squares, ovals, spirals, but you can also try with flowers, fruits and other forms.

гнайс за настилки


The colors in the mosaic

You can leave the natural color of the slabs, slices and pieces. You can also paint areas of the mosaic. To preserve the paint and make mosaic sectors to shine after completion of the path is better to cover them with colorless varnish. You should periodically to apply a new coating to maintain the colors and the shine.

камъни за пътека


The soldering of the components and filling the gaps between them

Construction adhesive is suitable for the connection of pebbles and pieces into the mosaic design. The gaps between them can be filled with grout. It may be in chosen color from the available on the market to add color or be in line with the mosaic design.

пътека то камъни


Combine the mosaic elements of a path with similar items of a table, a wall, etc.

The path in the garden is part of the general design. Combine the mosaic elements in it with mosaic design on the table in the garden or mosaic mural on the outside wall of the home.

настилка с естествен камък


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